Estimated time until they announce nationals divisions?

Well, I know that they most likely will not announce what team is in what division until after the last regionals, but does anyone have a good guess as to when they will officially announce the divisions? I can’t remember what time they released the information last year, so I am clueless, and it would be nice to know :smiley: .

I do realize that this information is probably unknown at the time, I am just curious to see if anyone has a clue.

I am guessing that FIRST will release the divisions about 4 days after the last regional ends.

That’s just my guess. I didn’t pay attention last year b/c we didn’t go.

I’m really anxious as to witch division we are put in. We better be in a division w/ good teams. W/ my luck we won’t be.

I heard that they will release it on Monday, but I am not sure.

at nationals it is almost a guarantee there will be “good teams” in your division.

HAHAHA Even THAT could be considered the understatment of the year! Nationals is amazing and consider that there are over 20 regionals and 3 robots per alliance in the playoffs and only 4 divisions the odds of you having even a couple regional champions are extremly good. Like said nationals is where the creme de la creme go to compete! It truly is a battle of tomorrow’s future on the mainstage when teams go to compete.

all i want is 67 and 340 in our division. how big of a chance is there to be in the same divison as you fellow regional champions?

My dream division… (Start blurry thinking screen)


You know all the historically awesome teams

(End dream)

Do you mean historical 126 Gael Force or the fresh blood of 1126 as opposed to historical?

P.S. i did not say 1126 is not good enough notice how I said “fresh blood” as in new and invigerating. I merely asked because the use of “historically awesome” threw me off in reference to a team in the 1000s

Regional victors have until the tuesday following their victory to tell first whether or not they are going to be attending the national, so I would expect the division listings no earlier than next thursday

Cool… we’re historical already…hahaha why isn’t 67 or 340 on there. 340 went undefeated this year at buckeye 13-0. and you have to have the cow bot on there 267 wow it’s huge this year…

For a two year team, 1126 has a great record and has built two fantastic robots. I feel they deserve to be on that list as much as any of the others.

I forgot to mention

RAGE (Number?)

NE More?

(sry…no pm to Bduggan04)

how’s RUSH 27 doing this year? hope to see ya at nats this year!

RAGE is 173

and I have no qualms against 1126 just a 2-year team isn’t very historical is all I am saying. no matter how good of a record they have (they are a good team I am sure as I ahve so far been told by 4 people I believe now) they are still only a 2-year team, which is why the historically part threw me off. Knowing that 126 is an impressive team and definatly historical having been around since 1992 I was just checking to see if it was a typo by mistake or if u actuallyu meant 1126. I am sorry for any confusion or harm I have done

I wouldn’t count on that…Usually FIRST seperates the regional champions apart into other divisions. Very rarely has 2 regional champions from the same event get put into a division, unless one of those teams won more then 1 regional…where there is a possibility of this team playing with up to 4 other teams between the two events and then they would have to stick at least 1 of those teams in the same division…

You can’t say usually, since they haven’t done it two out of three years. Two years ago, FIRST just started counting, and the first X teams (I think it was around 10) were in one division, then the next, then the next, etc. Last year, X was 1 team.

I don’t remember that anyone figured out how they did it in 2001, so that would be the only year that they could have tried to break up regional champions.

yea, i remeber last year we were with 541 but not 27. won the buckeye with them last year… can’t wait to see Finney Falcons 1405 there too!

Don’t want to start new whole thread:
Mini Thread:
who do yo want the most to be in the same divison as your team. i say 67

I would like to go up against 330 or 237. I would love to see those 2 in a match against each other.

Also, I don’t know if FIRST even looks at the divisions too closely. They have been going on the dodge ball system. OK everybody count off in groups of 4. 1…2…3…4, 1…2…3…4, now go to your fields & have some fun.

I think it would be cool to be in a division with teams from other regionals, like the western regionals. I don’t know enough about those teams & I want to learn.

Or it would be cool if FIRST took all of the regionals and broke them up into regions, then pitted the West region vs the Mid-West vs the South, vs the North. Of course the North would win.

Who thinks FIRST will separate team 60/254 if they land in the same division randomly?

With two of those robots on the field, they’d be darn near unstoppable :ahh:


How does FIRST seperate teams into divisons, I saw DJ sayed that they dont usually put regional champions together, but do they try to even seperate like the people that were in the same regional, cause as i remeber back to 2002 when we went there was only like 2 other teams in are divison that were at the KSC regional(well prob a little more but thats all i can remeber)