eStop Button Reprogram

Is it possible to change the old eStop button to emergency stop the robot this year? My team got a touch screen laptop and the only the set it up is with the keyboard behind the screen. We’ve tried the onscreen keyboard (which didn’t work) and the eStop button as is. The button only disabled it and it is seen as a keyboard in device manager. It seems to trigger the ALT, CTRL, and ENTER keys when pressed. Is there any way to reprogram it to trigger the space bar?

Googling “bind keyboard hotkeys in windows” yielded this…

See the first response.

The old buttons are essentially a keyboard that can only type one phrase. Typically that would be a companies website URL. But for FIRST it was Ctl-Shift-Return I think. I don’t know of a way to change it at the button, but you may be able to do it downstream, as Dominick mentioned.

Greg McKaskle