Estop CCI Windows Vista

We are having a problem getting E-Stop CCI board working under Winodws Vista. Does anyone know where we can get the USB driver?


The e-stop has been bound to a button on the laptop keyboard since 2012. It should be Spacebar this year, if I remember correctly.

I believe he meant this, not that.

This seems correct. My bad.

I need to clarify…

I am looking for the USB Driver for Windows Vista for the CCI board made by E-Stop. This board is a replacement for the Cypress board for reading buttons on the Team Control Board.

Contact eStop directly.
I’ve only seen the drivers for XP and Win7.

Both of those should work just fine under Vista.

The Windows 7 drivers should work on Vista, but I have less certainty about XP. XP and Vista use a different driver model, which was responsible for the majority of the “growing pains” Vista was rather known for.

It might work, but I would try the 7 drivers first.