Ethernet from Radio to RoboRIO?

Is there supposed to be a way to connect the Radio to the RoboRIO? I plugged in an ethernet cable from the Radio to the RoboRIO and I got communications up and running in the DS. Is this the correct way to do it?


Thank you

This is the most basic and most foolproof method. If you begin to implement more features, such as a network camera or a co-processor (perhaps for CV), then you want an unmanaged switch like this one. With this, simply plug the all the devices into it; there shouldn’t be any specific port assignments.

Agreed, the only thing i would suggest is roboRio direct to Wireless and then personally I would use one of these switches for other things such as a computer to do vision processing, IP camera etc.

That way your main robot functions wont get knocked out if the switch has any issues or loses power etc.

Make sure to comply with R63.

If we are using a raspberry pi for vision processing, what would be the benefit of the switch over Ethernet cable from each to the radio?

More ports (physical ports, not network ports) are made available. Then you can plug in a computer to program or test at competition.