Euro 2004

So who do you think will win ??

Personally, I think it will come down to Greece and Portugal in the finals, and I really want Greece to take it, but I am not so sure if they will …

That’s the final match almost certainly, but Portugal will have their revenge. 3-1 Portugal.

The Dutch are the Boston Red Sox of soccer…they’ll choke, maybe this round, maybe in the finals…but thats all I have to say.

Amazing that they actually won a shootout… :stuck_out_tongue:

What is Euro 2004?

The European Cup of Soccer…the biggest tournament, soccer wise w/ the exception of the World Cup.

Basically its the world cup, but only european teams are in it…note EURO 2004 if you want more information …

and with the last quarter-final game yesterday, Denmark is out after a 3-nil win for Czech …

So it comes down to Greece Vs. Czech and Portugal Vs. Holland for the semi-finals … any predictions ??

I say … Greece 2-1 and Portugal 2-0 …

What did I telll ya?!

Dutch = choke artists

I say Portugal 2-1 :slight_smile:

Where’s the poll option for “I don’t care about soccer”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe its the option is entitled “I need to leave this planet because I’m a dirty person” :stuck_out_tongue:

No, i think he was looking for the option…

“ooo…most well know sport in the world, but i live in america and i think that only american football matters.”

I fully realize that it’s the most well known sport in the world. I know how to play it… I played it myself for many years. I’ll even watch it on TV on occasion. But, when it comes to following tournaments and standings and such, I really could care less, especially for an all-European tournament.

And, for that matter, of the major sports here in the U.S., I follow american football the least of the four. So there :stuck_out_tongue: