Europeans Seek More Backing for Robotics

It seems to me by at least this last statement that these Europeans are great at R&D (Reasearch and Development to all you Non-Engineering types) but are too quick to release their knowledge, which falls into the hands of people who actually do something with that knowledge and make an actual product.

Is it funding that is the issue where they can’t go ahead any further, or is it an ego trip to see your name under a press release for some new breakthrough research, before you have an idea what to do with it??
Or, is it that you have the student researchers working on all this new breakthrough technology at the academic level and no companies local to Europe to take it any further and develop the products that make use of these ideas?
It seems some agree with the latter.

“One of the problems Europe has had in its robotics research has been getting it out to market as product,” said Ken Young, chairman of the British Automation and Robotics Association.
“While we may have a good research network at (the) academic level, I don’t see the big industrial players getting involved to the extent they do in Japan and Korea. Ultimately it is these people who will take it to market and make it a success. … In the EU it strikes me we develop some great technology and then leave it for the rest of the world to pick up and exploit.”

there seem to be not just the eauros but some people that release information of products… but they just sit there… gaining dust instead of publicity… its a sad sad thing… :frowning: