EVE Online

I was just wondering if anyone else out there plays my favorite MMORPG of all time, EVE Online.

I’m a combat pilot, flying a battlecruiser (Ferox for those “in the know”), my character name is Max Kroff and I’m in a corp currently merging in to another corp, I’ll post the name and ticker of it as soon as we’re completely moved.

So, any other pilots out there?

Don’t do it!

I played the EVE Online demo for a week, and the only way I could quit was by not entering my payment information! The game is crazy fun and sucked away allll my time.

MMOs are like FIRST, only FIRST is good for your brain!

My only reply is Greg knocking me :stuck_out_tongue: while the WoW thread is filling up, harsh!

Come on people!

I used to play, I flew a Dominix, Taranis, Crow, and Raven.

I quit at the start at of the FIRST season, it took too much of my time.

I believe my account still has the ships and 300 million isk. Many people in 114 play.

Matt coned me into trying it out. I did.

I too play EVE, along with the crew of 114. As I took over someone’s old account, I’m not allowed to fly under the flags of any corp for fear of making myself a target of the old reputation of the pervious owner of the account (Anyone know the name Cuddly bear?). I took over his alt, and had to pay some people to get a huge bounty off my head.

I fly a Malediction and a Prophecy. Well, I fly a lot of other ships two, but those are my best.

Might be good to look in to a NBSI policy until you get yourself in a more respectable spot :slight_smile:

My reputation has calmed down a lot, as most people in the area where I lurk haven’t been hit by mass piracy. However, once I sign on that starts to change very quickly. Seriously, however many benefits a corp will offer you can’t be beat by the freedom from freelance piracy.

Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates life fer me.