Even More New vex parts!!

On my second favorite website again (CD being 1st) and saw that vexlabs has 2 more new products!!

Tank Tread Upgrade Kit which looks to be awesome for conveyors and better traction in general

And now the bearing pop rivets are available to make assembling robots much quicker and easier.

great! the tank treads really needed the extra traction :slight_smile:

The addition of the new tread links kit doesn’t shock me in the least–these should be relatively more robust than the zip-tie-and-tank-tread elevators we saw in Half-Pipe Hustle and Hangin’-A-Round, which were nearly ubiquitous among teams. I’ll be interested to see how the two stack up. (Art, where are you? ;))

Actually, I’m working on building a Vex robot for one of my current college courses that may benefit from this. :wink:

so these will be legal for Quad Quandary… hmmmm

i got a question

this new vex stuff has a camera can you use it on the older vex stuff or do you got to get the new stuff to use it?


According to the website the camera can be used with either system. http://www.vexlabs.com/vex-robotics-color-camera-kit.shtml