Even smaller alternate field element designs?

I’m sure we’re not the only ones… Even the “simple” field elements are pretty huge, and I’m not sure we’ll have a place to store them between meetings that won’t cause problems with the school admin.

Anyone working on even smaller (or perhaps more modular/collapsible for storage) versions who would be willing to share? If not, we may need to do our own designs, though the HANGARS sort of is what it is… depending on strategy, a partial HUB (one bumper, high or low goal only…) should be more possible.


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We generally don’t make more than we need, and it’s usually far less than the simple drawings show.

It depends on what we want the robot to do, though, so we don’t need them until a week or two in.

We found a couple small sections of scaffolding taking up space. We are thinking we can get sections of pipe, enough for one robot, and mock up mid and high bar. It will have to be breakdown portable. Given the effect of dropping robots on floors we are making arrangements to set this up in the school’s weight room! Maybe the jocks won’t mind if it stays set up later in build season. Pics if we actually do this.

We did something like this. casters help us move it around the shop

we also made a smaller part of the hanger that focuses on what the team wants to attempt this year.


Here is what the hanger looks like folded up and stacked away.


2 lengths of wire shelving, rolled and zip tied together
4 sticks of 2x2
1 chunk of the Hab from Destination: Deep Space presented by The Boeing Company


Good enough for weekend strategy discussions:

layout.pdf (16.4 KB)
This is the layout I used to make the “shadow” of the goal, with a gap down the middle for tape (measure off the edge of the tape)


Recycle Rush recycled :+1:

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Also Steamworks (the team fuel goals were basically exactly this)

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