Event OPR Depth

I arranged some TBA Insights data to look at depth of field for the events played through Week 2, using OPR as the metric. I don’t know how well this correlates with actual playing strength.

Here is the Google sheet.

This probably won’t change many opinions, but I thought it would be fun look into a possible (more serious) answer to my own question.

Using my list, the depth roster of events (deepest first) is:

(1) GTR East
(2) AR Rock City
(3) Alamo
(4) Central Valley
(5) Palmetto
(6) Los Angeles
(7) Orlando
(8) Northern Lights
(9) Israel
(10) IN Tippecanoe

and then 10 more events where only one team had OPR greater than 45, and 22 events where no team did.

Hi Richard Wallace,

I’m no math wizard but I think there might be a mistake in your math somewhere!

From what I’ve from Boltman, the Central Valley regional was by far the deepest/strongest event of the weekend.

I’m still not really sure how OPR works because even just looking at Central Valley some of the ranks don’t line up with OPR on TheBlueAlliance (favorite website!), example 5137 was just barely in the Top 8 but they were the alliance 2 captain!

Maybe check the math a second time or could you explain to me how this all works?

Best Regards,

What, no fastener puns this time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Boltman, schmoltman. :cool:

Karthik, please explain OPR to these guys.

Everything you read on the internet is true! :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

(that being said CVR definitely was a very deep and competitive event)

Sorry alephzer0,

Sometimes when I post I’m in a rush and I really have to compress my posts. It means that I occasionally will screw up and not have a fastener reference.

Hi BrennanB,

Although not everything on the internet is true, most of the people on here seem quite genuine! Boltman seems like a very good source since his team performed so well throughout qualifications (There’s even some talk about them being one of the top 40 bots in the world) and captained their alliance.

I’ll have to watch some match video of the Central Valley Regional to really understand more about what happened this last weekend.

Best Regards,

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