Event Seeding and Event Strength

So with the first two weeks of competition, I’ve noticed something I think is peculiar about Steamworks specifically.

Whether the best teams at the regional seed first is a rough function of how many teams at that event can climb, but not a linear one.

At regionals where fewer teams can climb, teams with consistent scoring of gears and climbs will have better records and more opportunities to go for extra ranking points, and are more likely to seed first.

And then at regionals where most every team can climb, teams that score gears and fuel effectively will excel and are more likely to seed first.

But at regionals where some middling percentage of teams have a climb, rankings are significantly more determined by strength of schedule than robot merit, because having partners or opponents that climb will decide most matches, considering how much climbing is worth. (A team that can put up 6 gears and climb by themselves can score 175-195 points solo, but if opponents have 3 climbs, they score 205 only by climbing and moving in auto)

I was wondering if some data wizards with extra time wanted to see how well OPR(or some other metric, maybe rotor OPR or fuel OPR?) correlated with seed at events with different qualification climb percentages?

Forgive me if I am wrong, but 3 Auto Moving + 3 Climb = 165, not 205. Right?

I sure hope the pilots are scoring the free rotor.

Ok, I guess he is making that assumption w/o saying it.

Yes, minimum score is 40 except for …:cool:

Here’s my take:

As teams get better at the game challenge, the “best” teams at events will begin to separate themselves from everyone else in RP. This won’t be because teams are getting better at climbs, but because extra RP will happen more often. Gear teams will try to emulate the current elites like 1732 and 180, and fuel teams will try to emulate the current elites like 4613 and 1706. Events will start looking less like San Diego and Dallas, and start looking like St. Louis.

Is there a place to look up Event Strength?

If you read the first post, I discussed looking up the average climbs/match at each event, and also to use OPR/fuel OPR/rotor OPR.

That’s fine and all, I was wondering if there was an existing list . I remember seeing one years ago that ranked the various competitions. Not sure what metrics they used. Could be Blue Banners for all I know.

BBQ and SAUCE is what you’re thinking of.

BBQ = Blue Banner Quotient. # of Blue Banners at the event/# of teams at the event.
SAUCE–I forget what it stands for–is “recent BBQ”, or BBQ since 2005. There’s some other ones using similar methods.

Formulas and some discussion at https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1357286&postcount=13; I’ve been unable to find the original thread so far.