Event volunteering in 2022 and Covid

I normally volunteer at several events each year and both championships. I don’t see that as reasonable this year though. I’ve decided I won’t do back to back weeks so if I do end up with Covid I have time to find out and let the next event(s) know.

I’m committed to the two Minnesota events and both seem to have solid Covid procedures in place. It looks like both will require masks for everyone. Those cover week 1 and week 6.

Assuming I do the Detroit championship, that leaves weeks 3 and 4 as options.

Most California events are requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test less than 72 hours old. Unfortunately, the Covid information on many regional sites is “We’re working on a plan.”

Are there any week 3 or 4 events outside California that either require 100% masking or 100% vaccination?


Fyi, compulsory masking at large events is a requirement in most large CA counties (LA, SF…) So a lot of those can probably be on your list, if that’s your metric for attendance.


Escanaba (FiM District) is week 3. I’m not sure what the FiM requirements for Covid will be by then. But the FLL events this fall are going to be 100% masks.

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A number of big cities currently require masks for large events like Kansas City (Missouri side) and NYC. [This is a not at all representative sample based on places I’ve been lately.

The gotcha is that if an event is only requiring masks because the city/state requires it, that could get dropped by March/April.

I was checking to see if FIRST was going to put the kibosh on volunteers like me who volunteer at multiple event and have seen no such policy so I went all in and applied for 8 events so far ( I signed up of three event between weeks 2 and 3). Until told otherwise I plan to wear a mask at each event for the full event even though I just got my booster and even have a flu shot to boot.


I will say I’m in a slightly different boat. It looks like all our NY upstate events will be 100% mask + vax/negtest for entry. (I presume the same for downstate, but haven’t looked TBH.) My problem is that with the Utica and Hudson Valley events canceled for this year, my only NY volunteer options look to be Rochester (which would literally put me back-to-back with my team’s local event) or NYC/LI.

I enjoy volunteering, but the cost to travel from the Albany, NY area and stay nearby for an NYC or LI event is a bit much (makes Champs volunteering look like a bargain).

I looked at events in VT (there are none), and western MA, but that would put me back-to-back again. I totally feel for your argument of avoiding back-to-back events to allow for any COVID symptoms/tests to come up before traveling to, and possibly unknowingly infecting others at another event.

All said, if I found that some event was short on volunteers I’d find a way to make it happen as the last thing I’d want is some event to run short-staffed, or worse, just as we’re getting kids back and engaged with the program.

do regionals not comp hotels for volunteers? thats been the standard in ga for basically everyone a step above safety glasses and beyond

IIRC, PNW does it for key volunteers? Everyone else is on their own.

Id very much wait for someone who’s actually in those KV spots in PNW to respond before taking my word with anything more than a grain of salt though.

That’s been an extreme exception at every event I’ve been to… and I’m often in a key volunteer position. Only comp’d hotels I’ve ever had were at the generosity of a team, not the event. Sounds like I need to try some GA or PNW events. :thinking:


wow I had no idea I mean I knew Connie spoils us but hotels are not standard things yeah that must make volunteering much harder and would frankly prevent the half of our core team of volunteers who are mostly in college or just out from doing near as many events as they do





not paid but not out the 40 bucks a night to split a room

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FWIW - Here was FMA’s event policy for off-season event packet. While, as far as I know, FMA hasn’t made any official statements for regular season event policies yet, their proactive approach to off-season events speaks to the mindfulness of the organizers when it comes to COVID, and I would anticipate the policy of Mid Atlantic district events to be in line with what makes sense in March and April.

In addition to that event packet, FMA also required all off-season volunteers to provide proof of vaccination.

I’ve gotten comped once as a KV–and that was for training at HQ.

In general, we’re on our own, unless otherwise noted. There’s a few “standard” notes (including emergency fill-in).


interesting and thanks for letting me know

I volunteered ('bot inspector, medical staff, and a bit of setup) at CalGames a few weeks ago and also worked with my team as possible. I wore my N95 mask the entire time. I had my P100 in my car in case I felt less safe for whatever reasons.

It’s important to note that I’m a critical care RN and work in (Covid filled) ICUs daily. sigh. Thus, I have also been properly fitted for my N95. If you’ve never been properly fitted, you can do your own negative and positive pressure test which I do every time I don my mask. It’s not the gold standard, but a quick method to check fit.
I’m not sure what the CDC’s current position is for reserving N95s for health care workers, but if you have some, you might wanna consider wearing it while at a competition. I also reviewed the vaccination rates, especially in the 12-18 yo range in my greater area, regardless that the event mandated Covid vaccination (I trust myself to protect myself and family best!)

Of course, you have to make your own informed decisions, but I WANTED to volunteer and help. So I did, with additional precautions I deemed necessary.

And yes, the N95 is hot and less comfortable. My P100 is much more comfortable, but kinda dorky… But if it keeps me safe, I don’t really care if I look like a dork (not that big of a change anyhow).


Currently, FIRSTWA is requiring masks and proof of vaccination at FTC events, as well as not allowing spectators. I assume this will carry over to FRC.

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Generally hotel/travel is not comped for Key Volunteers in PNW :upside_down_face:


Yes, and because FRC Events are generally ran out of school venues it is safe to assume the event and everyone attending has to follow district policy.