Event volunteering in 2022 and Covid




not paid but not out the 40 bucks a night to split a room

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FWIW - Here was FMA’s event policy for off-season event packet. While, as far as I know, FMA hasn’t made any official statements for regular season event policies yet, their proactive approach to off-season events speaks to the mindfulness of the organizers when it comes to COVID, and I would anticipate the policy of Mid Atlantic district events to be in line with what makes sense in March and April.

In addition to that event packet, FMA also required all off-season volunteers to provide proof of vaccination.

I’ve gotten comped once as a KV–and that was for training at HQ.

In general, we’re on our own, unless otherwise noted. There’s a few “standard” notes (including emergency fill-in).


interesting and thanks for letting me know

I volunteered ('bot inspector, medical staff, and a bit of setup) at CalGames a few weeks ago and also worked with my team as possible. I wore my N95 mask the entire time. I had my P100 in my car in case I felt less safe for whatever reasons.

It’s important to note that I’m a critical care RN and work in (Covid filled) ICUs daily. sigh. Thus, I have also been properly fitted for my N95. If you’ve never been properly fitted, you can do your own negative and positive pressure test which I do every time I don my mask. It’s not the gold standard, but a quick method to check fit.
I’m not sure what the CDC’s current position is for reserving N95s for health care workers, but if you have some, you might wanna consider wearing it while at a competition. I also reviewed the vaccination rates, especially in the 12-18 yo range in my greater area, regardless that the event mandated Covid vaccination (I trust myself to protect myself and family best!)

Of course, you have to make your own informed decisions, but I WANTED to volunteer and help. So I did, with additional precautions I deemed necessary.

And yes, the N95 is hot and less comfortable. My P100 is much more comfortable, but kinda dorky… But if it keeps me safe, I don’t really care if I look like a dork (not that big of a change anyhow).


Currently, FIRSTWA is requiring masks and proof of vaccination at FTC events, as well as not allowing spectators. I assume this will carry over to FRC.

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Generally hotel/travel is not comped for Key Volunteers in PNW :upside_down_face:


Yes, and because FRC Events are generally ran out of school venues it is safe to assume the event and everyone attending has to follow district policy.

Eh, I’m not sure I’d say that events are generally run out of school venues. If SoCal had their full event complement we’d be 3/7 at schools instead of 3/6. If I’m not mistaken regional events are generally around 50% at schools or universities. Districts, OTOH, that’s definitely more like 90% at that type of venue.

Regardless, the point about following outside policy is what’s going to drive event policies in general. Just might be the venue policy for an arena instead of a district policy.

I was speaking about PNW FRC district events that are requiring vaccinated volunteers are also mostly ran out of schools.

The only events that ever provided accommodations for me was R2RC which has a policy of providing a hotel for out of town volunteers no matter what their role is and the first year of Robots@CNE.

Covering expenses for events is always going to be an event by event and case by case basis because of how event budgets are handled. Each regional/district has their own fund development and budget and typically receives little from HQ.

When I used to volunteer at 6-7 regionals a year (opposed to doing FUN now) it was not uncommon for events that required longer travel to either receive a travel stipend, reimbursement through FIRST and/or have my hotel covered. This was usually because I was going out to fill as an emcee at an event that did not have an experienced person and I would also typically be training others for both emcee and GA roles. Local events I’ve done in the past (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois) I did not receive anything but typically I was traveling with a team. When I emceed FIRST champs I did not receive any type of reimbursement/compensation. I have had some off-season events cover my hotel costs.

One notable role that receives a form of compensation at an event is the FTA (or at least they used to at a regional level). I am sure someone that is a FTA could go into further detail on this. I’m also not sure if this differs between regional and district levels.

As someone who is planning on going to an event every week, it would be nice to have a few columns added to the event info search page. Perhaps something like ‘masks required’ ‘vaccination required’ and ‘covid test required’ . I know when you click into events under additional info on the landing page it says site and covid information but that’s a lot of reading for each event and each one is formatted differently. This could be a nice reference those who volunteer multiple weeks.

I’ve attended over a dozen events in 2021. My routine typically has been to wear a mask as I am in contact with many different teams, get tested 2-3 days after the event (on a Tuesday or Wednesday usually) and personally I have already received a booster shot.

Ga First doesn’t spoil everybody. I have never asked for or received reimbursement for events even when not traveling with my team. For reference I am generally a RI or CSA. Also I have no issue with GA First policies. They always (Mostly) feed us well. :slight_smile:


For Detroit championship COBO Hall has a 100% mask mandate, so that will have to be the least amount required. FIRST could add testing, etc. above that.
COVID-19 | TCF Center (tcfcenterdetroit.com)

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Too bad it just got cancelled.


I guess I won’t be at Championships this year.

My room was covered once for the hotel stay as they needed that next week. It was nice. That does not happen always obviously. I’m not worried about 2022 events. I know how to protect myself having worked in potential covid climates all along.

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