Event winners without a traversal climber

Today in Ontario at St. Mary’s Day 2, the #2 alliance won the day.

The alliance of 1241-5409-7623 had no robot with traversal climbing capability on their alliance, though they did have some great scoring capability.

Has there been another event winner that has not featured a robot with traversal climb capability?

Congrats to 5409 with their 3rd event win of the season today in doing this as well!

This event was kind of unique as there was only one climber (1325) in the field of 18 robots.


2832 ranked first and won at livonia this year while only having a mid rung climb

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non of this years St louis competition winners 1706 1756 and 4931 could climb traversal.


4381 removed our traversal climb for FIM Gull Lake because it wasn’t quite working and finished 1st and won the event.


You never climbed during the playoffs.:grin:


971 ranked 3 at SVR with afaik a wcd, mid climb, and a catapult


1914/1923/8513 won the FMA Montgomery event without any traversal climbers on their alliance.

1914 and 1923 could climb to the high rung and 8513 could climb either mid rung or low rung.


They upgraded to high climb for SVR.


4414 and 359 dominated Ventura with L3 climbs.

At FMA Bridgewater in Week 1, there were fewer traversal climbs than seen at most other events. The winning #4 alliance could not climb past the mid bar, though each member of that alliance ended up being able to climb higher at the district championship.


My team 6838 also only has a mid rung climb. We ranked #1 in Week 1 İzmir Regional and won the event. In week 3 Bosphorus Regional, we ranked #2 and went on to win that event as well. We were alliance partners with 7285 in both events and they had a traversal climb but did not use it in playoffs.


Our traversal climber isn’t the fastest one out there. Instead of going for a traversal at t = 30 - 35, we decided to keep on shooting and aim for a high climb at t = 10 - 15 which gained us a point advantage overall.
There was still enough time for 6838 to shoot a couple more cargo after us and get a mid-rung climb going.


5172 only dropped 2RP throughout all of quals without a single climb at the Great Northern Regional. Undefeated at the event, with only a single loss on their season.

You are talking about event winning Alliances without a traversal climber, correct? Individual robots without traversal climbers that won events should be fairly common.

You might also expand the question to include winning alliances with a traversal climbing capable robot, but which chose not to attempt traversal climbs.

4795 went undefeated and won the Guilford county NC event with only a mid climb.
If an event is filled with traversal and high bots a climb RP becomes less difficult, and cycling 2 or 3 times in endgame becomes a lot more competitive.

We and 1771 won two events week 2 and 4 in pch without a Traverse climber that was ever used at either event on either robot

1771 also went on to win district champs with an alliance with only one high climb. 1771 is capable is traverse, but used it only once as it has not been necessary.

Yeah I wasn’t sure if it was used in elims at states I saw it working at DE and thought it may have been used at states so thanks for the confirmation

At FiT DCMP, from what I recall, there was rarely a team that couldnt traverse make playoffs. 4063 is the only notable example I can come up with.

If we’re talking about individual robots:

Most metrics say that 5895 is the best robot in the FMA district. They have the best W-L-T record, have by far the highest OPR (or “calculated contribution to unpenalized total points”), never seeded lower than 1st seed at any of their events, and won all of their events including the district championship.

They do this all with a climber that can go no higher than the mid rung. They also have no swerve and no turret, but that’s for a different thread…