Events list

I thought the list of events was going to be published by today? Did I miss it???

i haven’t seen it yet either.:frowning: is FIRST even open today? it is a national holiday.

I thought the date was around Sept. 18…or Sept. 23.

well… I’m 99% sure that at the San Jose, Ca Team Forum that the FIRST people said that Registration started on Sept 17th. I didn’t hear an exact date that they would release the Event Dates.

My understanding is that registration will open on September 17th. I was also under the impression that FIRST intended to unveil the 2002 information (events, schedule, hotel/kickoff info, news for the 2002 season, etc…) on the web page anytime between Labor Day and Sept 17th. I think they are waiting for final word to see if 1 or possibly 2 potential new regionals come together at the last minute. But I would expect FIRST to have the information posted in the next week!