Ever been Rickrolled? We'll here is something better.

When the New York Mets decided to post on online contest for their opening song, they didn’t realize the kind of problems that the “Other” choice could provide.

The Internet responded by a massive movement through YTMND and Digg.com to vote for the other… and who would that other be? Well, none other than “Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up”



“We’re no strangers to love…”

PS: Can someone edit my topic name to say “Ever” instead of Every…

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I managed to convince the DJ at NYC to Rickroll the crowd after the final match :cool:

I noticed…

I’ve been on a rickrolling roll lately. One of my buddies is a real n00b, 'cause I’ve gotten him 6 days in a row now… :rolleyes:

I’ve found a new utility to aide my quest though:


And that’s absolutely sweet that everyone at the regional got rickrolled. Almost as bad as losing the game. (I’m officially announcing that I lose right now.)


I like this one more…

i lost too…


I lose.

I won the game.

Impossible. You can only lose the game.

(Unless you play by our team’s rules, in which there is a VERY slight possibility you could win, though it would require a lot of planning.)

(In fact by me mentioning it on such a large message-board as this, I could probably win sometime today. I could provide our modifier rules for anyone that is interested.)


There’s another great Rick Roll.

Story: Anime Boston, an annual anime convention held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, holds and AMV (anime music video) contest. There are five categories. Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, and Fun/Upbeat/Other. The AMVs are screened in a large auditorium that can seat several thousand people.

This legendary creator performed one of the most amazing Rick Rolls ever. I think the Mets Rick Roll takes the cake, but this is still fantastic.

Yes, it plays the song that gets on everybody’s nerves for three and a half minutes.

I don’t think I have never laughed so hard…

Oh and it is possible to win the game.

Just read XKCD.

I must say, one of the things I enjoy most about having iMacs (and thus integrated speakers) just installed in our computer lab is the ability to rickroll the other users of the lab. It’s kinda fun. (Kinda.)

That used to be the case, until the “XKCD Clause” was invented.

Every time you remember the game exists, if you also instantly remember the “XKCD Clause”, you are exempted from losing.

Thus, one wins the Game.

Speaking of NY didnt they play it on saturday also?

I swear I thought I heard it while I was in the FTC stands, the girl who rickroll’d me earlier in the month, thought we heard that song, I swore I heard it.

lol, I hope the Championships in Atlanta get rickrolled, as the last song.

Youtube rickrolled people for April Fools day, if you clicked on “What people are watching” links.