ever seen this gearbox

I found this gearbox. Has anyone seen this before? We are thinking of using this as an intake.

Yes. That is a BaneBots CIM-U-Lator

Thanks. Do you have any experience using them with the motor shown in the pic?

They had a dual-motor version we’ve used with two BaneBots 550 motors. The AndyMark 9015 is a very similar 550-can motor. As long as the gear fits the shaft, and the shaft is not too long, it should work.

SandDrag is correct - it is a Banebots CIM-U-lator. That particular gearbox had a serious design flaw. The small 550 and 775 motors have active cooling and use a fan to draw air in from the front vents, blow it past the armature and out vents near the rear. That gearbox covered the intake vents and motors burned up. The original 775 motors got a bad reputation for being unreliable when the real issue was this specific gearbox.

There was a modification (proposed by Andy Baker if I remember) that milled slots in the mounting surface to allow air to the vents. From the picture, it does not look like your geabox has been modified. Otherwise a fine gearbox - Vex and Andymark both have similar gearboxes which have air vents by design if you dont have the ability to modify the one you have.

If I recall correctly, the original RS-775-18V had a case short problem after just a few minutes of run time. I can’t dig through 15 pages of that thread right now, but somewhere in there someone did a pretty thorough post-mortem of the motor.

This was the eventual solution.

The new 775PRO is not a RS-775-18V. There is a big distinction. I can honestly say that our 775PRO’s have run for roughly an hour already as we tuned shooter geometries, and they’ve been very stable with not even a modicum of excess heat.

With that said, the 775PRO is compatible with the CIM-U-Lator, but I would definitely file/mill/do-what-it-takes to make the air vents, as you mentioned.

Yes, the original 775 also had a case short issue which we were fortunate not to run into. That issue was amplified by the overheating. We did fry at least three motors before finding the root cause of the overheating. Obviously since the OP was for 775pro, this case short will not be an issue, but overheating definitely will.

I did find the thread on the milling process. If you do a search for “cimulator cooling modification”, we used the mod from J_Miles with great success - motors went from letting out magic smoke to warm to the touch.