ever wanna

be a fly on the wall? check this out. the video is crummy but it’s still a cool idea.



I want to be able to encase myself in a cocoon and emerge as a giant insect. With blades. Those horrible blades.

i think i would rather be spiderman than the human fly.:cool:

that does sound better.
i think i would too!

Just makes it even easier for the government to watch you every moment of your life.

I wouldn’t be a human fly. I think it would be a cross between a grasshopper, a cockroach and a mantis. It would be cool.

That fly is by far the smoothest thing that I have seen in a while and I’d probaly want to be a fly not spiderman

Yeah? I’d like to see the battery…

Definitley spiderman…

ka-chhh ka-chhh /me shoots webs around room

One of the mentors on our team that works at NASA was recently telling me that he was being moved from his current building to work on a new project. He’ll be a machinist for a project at NASA Langely to make flying minature robots (basically, insects like this one). Sounds neat, and since I’m working there this summer I hope I’ll be able to check it out! :slight_smile:


i hope you do to, stephen…keep us posted!!!

we’d all love to get the inside scoop!

Just to let you all know, I attended a Colloquium talk yesterday on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles here at NASA. The insect-like ones are mainly a DARPA project, as they have a 6 in max size restriction. The work here is on backpack-sized UAVs. We got to see a few examples, and they are very impresive.


has anyone every read the book 1984? this sort of reminded me of it.

When are the secret NASA military researchers going to develop Spider Tanks?