Ever wonder whats going on with robotics in Indiana?

Now you can stay upto date with whats going on with IndianaFIRST.

Goto http://indianafirst.org/mailman/listinfo/news_indianafirst.org and sign up for the email list, and you can get updates right to your inbox about whats going in in the mighty hoosier state. Even if your not from indiana your still welcome to join the list and keep upto date on what we are doing.

Also check out http://www.indianafirst.org as we have alot of stuff in the works to make the site useful and a good resource for the entire first community in addition to Indiana FIRST teams!

YES! Yes I have wondered what’s going on with robotics in Indiana from time to time. Now said information is delivered automatically to the same inbox that all of my other important information goes! Thanks Josh! I hope to receive the issue on Lafayette area teams soon. Go Indiana Teams!

awesome link man…thanks