Every web developer should have these!! They're so cool

I just got mine in the mail today, it’s the chart suite from Visibone, I think every team should get their web developers them because they are really really useful, here are some pics of my cheatsheet posters anyone else have them?






Those look awesome! Do you have a link/contact information for where we can get them? I wouldn’t mind having them around for when I’m doing my personal websites.

Also, are they free? :smiley:

No actually they cost me $90 dollars, the link is www.visibone.com

he provides full res versions of them so you could print them

you can buy them individualy or in a little book for $30 dollars, they have a huge selection

I fondly remember picking up my first Visibone chart back in '97 so I knew what colors were safe to use in Netscape, IE, and AOL’s browser (shudder). I still have it!

Sweet! I’ll probably invest in one of those eventually. Thanks for showing us that resource.

I keep several 8 1/2x11 cheatsheets with my computer at all times. Jeff Atwood has a good list.

I also keep a few O’Reilly Pocket References with it too.

I tend to keep a few PDFs of cheat sheets around. I’ve looked at them so much, I usually just do stuff from memory with the exception of colors.