Everybot Charged Up 2023...success or failure

With week one wrapping up, how did this years Everybot stack up for everyone? Pros and cons.

We saw one in Waco this weekend…possibly more “hybrid” on the design…


The 2023 Everybot program was an unmitigated success whether teams directly copied the entire design or not.

The Everybot intake is elite, and has inspired many iterations of elite intakes for teams that have won events.

Here’s a video of ours running at the Lake Superior Regional.


Success. They have been good at defense and offense, and also an everybot “clone” won the SE Mass event already.


I’ve seen a lot of teams that would be much better served (purely competitively) from the everybot.


FIM Escanaba had 2? Everybots, which is decidedly fewer than last year. But there were a lot of Everybot style intakes (all 3 robots on the winning #1 alliance had such intakes).


Y’all were a swerve…correct? The intake is pretty good…Y’all were deadly efficient! The intake I liked. There were a lot of high CoG bots out there…and the one “pure” Everybot…sometimes tipped over due to various issues…or encouragement!

Yep! MAX Swerve with the highest speed gear ratio. Couldn’t be happier with how the robot turned out!


Bot view looked great!

It looks successful to me so far. Swerverybots are more stable than the IM14U version and most of the EVBs that I see this year are outperforming last year’s teams. The intake is fantastic, and is basically copied or iterated by roughly half of teams that can successfully pick up and place game pieces.


Did they have the weights? I saw one tip at medium to high speed…they didn’t have the ballast weight.

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This was an unmodified Every bot.

This years everybot is slightly difficult to control in an effective manner. Most teams I have seen have a hard time controlling the arm.

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I’ve seen one everybot so far. It was hard to control, sort of tippy(although did not tip over), and barely ever intaked or scored anything. I saw more successful teams running just a drive train with maybe a claw and pushing pieces around.

That being said, my team (4230) decided to use the everybot intake with a different arm, and had the best performance we’ve had in years. This year, the everybot was a better resource as a starting point and mech designs than it was a quick copy-paste full robot.


We have an Everybot (90%) complete in the shop. We decided that our “flat bot” worked better after we played this weekend. This is the Everybot (in blue) and we are in red.

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This was the 2nd match of the finals…not to spoil it…we lost in the 3rd round…

Which team is this? 88 and 3314 and 4473 were all very much not Everybot clones


Everybot was our backup design when design #1 failed. We had a respectable showing for a low-resource 3rd year team. There was one other Everybot and two or three hybrid versions. Like the intake. Harder to drive with the high center of gravity. Kettering Week 1; Michigan

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High CoG was an enemy of most tall bots in Waco. We did get run over…no foul was called that I was aware of…and of course…we had no stability issues. We were about 46 pounds…and were able to get on the charging station on our own.

For the record…this is/was not to bash the design. Even Robonauts admitted there were some improvements that can and possibly be made. The real “problem” I saw was inventory…or lack there of. And possible options to change based on the design provided. This was not their fault in the least. It was to get the rookies and some of us others that were still growing our teams to competition…and be competitive. If it weren’t for teams like them or the 3 day build…most would not have a real starting point to build. We appreciate everything these groups do to help.

Is there a list of pure Everybots that competed during week 1?

From my casual viewing, the intake was awesome but robots better be really good at scoring if they have a high CG.