Everybot intake plate DXF file help

I have the step file, but need a dxf file. Can anyone help out?

Any thoughts in 1/8 inch aluminum vs pc?

General rule of thumb should be that if it goes outside ur frame perimeter it should probably be poly carb that way if it takes any impact be that opposing robot or wall it will deflect and bend back unlike aluminum.

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as for the dxf question, fusion has a built in a capability to save sketches as dxf files. Just import the part, project geometry on to a sketch and then right click to save as a dxf.

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A design like the 2023 Everybot intake WILL NOT survive the first contact with the field or another robot if made from aluminum

The 2022 Everybot intake was built out of sturdier stuff, 2x1 tubing connected with steel plates. All the ones I saw in inspection were bent by thetime they showed up for their second event.

that’s exactly why it should have been polycarbonate, polycarb will flex but not permanently deform. aluminum or steel will permanently deform, with aluminum needing to be replaced.

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So Sorry, I lost the part about how the 2023 Everybot intake will not survive if made from aluminum.

Here is the link to the DXF for the intake plates.

We do not recommend making the intake plates out of 1/8" aluminum because it is best practice to design intakes that can take an impact and bounce back to the original shape instead of permanently deform like aluminum.

If you are unable to manufacture your own plates form polycarbonate feel free to request a set to be donated to your team by Team 118, The Robonauts.

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