Everybot with Swerve

How would you recommend mounting the Everybot superstructure to a swerve chassis? (2x1 perimeter with modules in the corners)

Would you still keep the 22" chassis width? 28" length?

Can we call is Swerverybot?



That’s a no from me dawg. Unless you really lower the COG by pulling a lot of mass out of that superstructure and putting it in the bellypan.

I would run a pair of rails, front to back, at the every bot dimensions for the superstructure, made of 2x1 and gusset them in.

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I really hope to see this. I think it would be very intriguing.


Ethan from the Everybot team said he thought the dimensions would be fine but I was also a little skeptical.

It seems like the mount points in the CAD is fairly low into the kitbot chassis. If a team just did attach at a mount point above the frame rails it looks to me like it would also change the mount location.


There are a couple critical dimensions you should consider when doing this, based on how custom you want to make it.

  1. To fit three equally sized robots on the charge station, each one needs to be roughly 24" or thinner without bumpers.

  2. The front linkage pivot has to be 2.5" from the edge of the frame in the front for the geometry to work out for high cone scoring. This has some play but you can’t let it be 5" for example and have it work out of the box. With the superstructure as designed, this means the rear upright is 1.5" from the rear of the 28.3" frame. If you lengthen the frame you can put swerve modules behind the upright instead. Additionally the front pivot should be 52" above the floor.

If you don’t redesign the superstructure, I would figure out which of lengthening the width or length is more amenable to you. You can also inset your swerve modules into the same frame dimensions, but you trade stability.

If you do redesign the superstructure, the world is your oyster. Just keep the arm mounting geometry and position the same.

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Charge station is 8 ft wide or 96 inches. Each bumper is made from 3/4in plywood and a 2.5in pool noodle. So 3 robots with 2 sets of 3.25in wide bumpers leaves us with 76.5 inches. 76.5/3 is 25.5 so 25.5 inch wide robots can fit on the charge station together. Considering that wheels are not all the way out at the edge of the bumper zone you can probably get away with 26.5 inch wide robots if you want to really be calling it close.

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Why are you counting the outside bumpers of the outside robots? Surely they wouldn’t have to take up space on the ramp?

Either way I think you are going to want some (a lot) wiggle room here especially if you want to try and do this fast.

I feel like you could make it work without messing with the superstructure. The Everybot team said the 'bot came in at only 72 lbs. before ballast (without batt, bumpers), so they added 50 lbs. of ballast. Some of that will get eaten by the swerve drivetrain, but you could make yourself a nice 1/4" steel bellypan to keep the remainder nice and low.


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