Everyone call Dean Kamen Lord Dumpling

from Wikipedia: (I wrote it here so you don’t have to go to the wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Dumpling_Island)

North Dumpling Island is a two acre (8,000 m²) island in Fisher’s Island Sound off the coast of the U.S. state of Connecticut (although the island itself is actually in New York State). The island is owned by Segway Human Transporter inventor Dean Kamen.

Kamen was denied permission to build a wind turbine on the island, so he allegedly declared that he was seceding from the United States, and he signed a non-aggression pact with his friend then-President George H. W. Bush. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s icecream) serve as “joint chiefs of ice cream.”

Though the secession is not legally recognized, Kamen refers to the island as the “Kingdom of North Dumpling.” As well as a lighthouse, the “Kingdom” has its own constitution, flag and national anthem, as well as a navy (consisting of a single amphibious vehicle). North Dumpling also has its own currency, and the value of one of the bills is equivalent to the value of pi. It is said that Kamen refers to himself humorously as “Lord Dumpling” or “Lord Dumpling II.”

Lord Dumpling it is! But who are his subjects? Maybe all of FIRST are his subjects! :smiley: I hope that when I’m fabulously wealthy i too can buy an island (or better yet make one) and start my own kingdom… :o some day…

what a great place for a regional…

You know, shortly before Kickoff this year, there was a post by a gentleman from New Hampshire, rookie year 1989, with the username LordDumpling.

I still wonder whether it was actually Dean…but yeah, this year if I bump into him (two for two thus far), Lord Dumpling it is.

I’m highly amused by the “allegedly declared he was seceding from the United States.” Somehow, I can’t picture Dean getting worked up enough to secede an Island from the US, but hey, it’s possible. All hail Lord Dumpling!

this is just great!! that’s the way to go…be your own ruler w/ your own island…
go Dean!!

i don’t see why there would be a huge problem w/ wind turbine but that’s okay.

Here’s the link to “LordDumpling”'s post: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=313180&postcount=459

I wish I had enough money to be able to secede… someday…

Ya i did a report about North Dumpling. He also supposedly has a panoramic of it in his office at DEKA which reads “The only 100% science literite nation in the world” (or something like that).

I can see Lord Dumpling II becuase when he first went their an elderly couple lived on the island. He bought it from them and they continued to live there.

Anyways I think the LordDumpling post is very out of character with Dean. (At least from what I’ve heard)

haha. that sounds soo awesome. i’d prolly do the same thing if i had enough money :smiley: cept mebbe i’d have a labrinth in front of all the restrooms just for fun :rolleyes:

But look at his location " North Dumpling Island, Kingdom of North Dumpling" I’m willing to say that it is most definitely him! :smiley:

He doesn’t go to North Dumpling that often anymore. Haven’t you read Codename Ginger? It’s a great book about Kamen and Deka (and I suppose about the Segway too.)

You obviously haven’t met the 5,000 JVN’s :wink:

for those of you who go looking this is the post (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=313180&postcount=459)

Then you would be, most assuredly, incorrect.

Yup, he sure would. According to Dean, the final straw was when the state of New York attempted to prevent him from erecting the Bergey 10kW wind turbine that provides power to the island. According to the local jurisdiction, the turbine would violate building height restrictions within the county borders. Dean’s response was to show up at the local planning commission meeting, with his lawyer in tow, and make the following declaration (paraphrased): “if you are going to enforce your silly laws on my island, then I will do the same to you. I pay county property taxes on the island. As such, state and county regulations state that the county is thus obligated to provide water service, sewer service, trash pick-up, and to place my residence on a school bus route to be accessible by all school-age residents of the island (keep in mind that the island is about 16 miles off shore from Orient Point on Long Island). Since you have provided NONE of these services to the island, you are in violation of multiple county and state ordinances. If you decide to pursue the issue of the height of my wind turbine, I intend to sue you for realized and punitive damages on each any every ordinance violation.”

Needless to say, he got his wind turbine, and he never heard from the county commissioners again.

Several of Dean’s friends have significant legislative and ceremonial roles in the governing of North Dumpling Island. For example, I believe that Ray Price is the Minister of Propaganda. In his (Manchester) house is a minting press for creating the only recognized North Dumpling Island hard currency, the Mobius coin (it only has one face, and one edge). There is a North Dumpling Island private wine label. etc.


If I remember correctly, the constitution of North Dumpling Island is located in WestWind (home to the Founder’s Reception each January before Kickoff). I’ll have to remember to get the details of it sometime.

if you ever get a chance to go to his house as a mentor the constitution of North Dumpling is on the wall and it defiantly is a funny read.

btw his monatary system is based on the number pi

here are photos of north dumpling island http://www.longislandlighthouses.com/ndpics.htm

It is. Two pages, the second shorter than the first, on purposely aged paper about the size of a diner placemat, vertically-situated. I have a picture of it from visiting during the pre-no-camera age, but out of respect for the current regulations I’m going to refrain from posting it.

Mr. Hill, I hope you realize that by starting this thread you have earned yourself a permanent place at the “WOEWITWISTFT” (“What On Earth Was I Thinking When I Started THAT FIRST Trend?”) table. Its members are few, but the conversation is the most honest and amusing in the entire place. :wink:

I understand the replica of stonehedge is functional

any lawyers who visit the island may enter the monument, but they dont come back out?

So if you get a chance to meet him, everyone call him Lord Dumpling. I wonder if he carries any mobius coins. Maybe you could exchange some money for one. I would do it.

i swear, if it were april fools day, i would not believe this whole lord dumpling/dean kamen thing…but then again, this is FIRST

as it were, i’m still suspicious :stuck_out_tongue: