Everyone wins! (Pics)

I know everyone is going to come in thinking I found a way to have everyone win, but I havnt, so if your disapointed I apologize :smiley:

Our team has been hard pressed for a build site. We finally got one supplied by the town municipal. Only problem is half the space was taken up by town records. The town had been looking to move them but having a hard time finding the man power to spare in their overworked maintenance department.

So, to make sure everyone wins 7 teamates and myself decided to take matters into our own hands :slight_smile: armed with two vans and a town employee we moved an entire room of documents, a job they thought would take 4+ hours in 2 flat.

Here are some pics!

This is the room at about half full, hard to get a large picture of the room from all the boxes.


This is just one of the dozen+ trips this van took. We were moving I beleive tax payer ducuments with this load.


This is me working hard… I still hurt.


This is the room almost empty. Tommorow town workers will remove the shelving.


And finally, the new storage place for the ducuments. This gives you an idea of the amout of stuff we moved.


All in all it was a good couple hours work. We got part of our build site. We helped the town. And we got some exercise.

Also an idea of how small our town is, BOTH local news papers came and took pics, I hope our admin team called them cause if they just saw this as newsworthy by passing by something is wrong :smiley:

Be SURE and include all this in your Chairman’s award entry! It’s a great story!


Steve Alaniz

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