Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, and one more for Chewie's sake, eeeeevil...

Ok, I goofed on El Dorado but my point still remains. The jokes in the Disney movies don’t belong there. Little kids are smarter than most adults give them credit for. When I baby sat and took the kids to a movie they would ask me about the jokes, they got it and I could tell. They were 5-7 years old. The crude jokes really are a bad idea. Look at the first Rugrats movie, the joke about Angelica flying, little kids get that. There is def. a line and it get crossed way too much.
As for theater hopping, the best theater to do that in is the AMC 24 theaters. You gotta plan it out though. Get a paper and schedule what time you’ll go to what movie based on when it’s showing, you gotta buy the ticket for the theater closest to the ticket taker first though. (Yes I’ve done this many time before and am a pro). The reason that you can rent an R movie before you can go see it is because Blockbuster is a private store and when you get a card you sign ther rules. Usually you cannot get a card if you are under 18 unless your parents allow it. Unrated is ok but then you have people who are stupind about it, like the parents who took their you ng children with them when they went to see Hannibal, I saw adults puking in the isles and heard plenty of screaming children, the worst was the little boy behind me who was too scared to move or scream. People see unrated and assume that anyone can watch the movie.
Anyways, Star Wars needs to have the old effects to be as good as the originals.

Just read this comic, you’ll see what I mean.

Perhaps that’s quite true. It goes for a lot of things you grow up with as a kid. Much of the animation made in the 80’s and early 90’s was total trash, but I grew up on it, and as a kid, loved it. So I almost freak out when I hear older animation students trashing shows I loved as a kid. There’s really just an emotional attatchment there, not a “hey, that’s good, so pooh to you” kinda dealie. Anyways, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong. Then again, I’m quite the SW addict and even LIKE Jar-Jar Binks. So blah! :smiley:

I didn’t see the original Str Wars until I was about 10 so it wasn’t like I didn’t know about crapy stuff. The thing that makes the originals so good is the things they did in the movie at that time. They didn’t have all of the computer animation and graphics that are used do much now. It’s not really trash.

Look at the first Rugrats movie, the joke about Angelica flying, little kids get that.

Phil: “I didn’t know she could fly.”

Lil: “I think it’s cause she’s a witch.”

Is that good or bad that little kids get that one?

Well when you consider Angelica’s attitude and the way she acts towards the “babies” I think it’s bad. It has a big underlying theme, kids do get it.

Chuckie: “What’s your daddy doing, Tommy?”

Tommy: “My daddy’s helping your daddy catch some dates in a net.”

Chuckie: “What are dates?”

Phil: “Big raisins that make you poop.”

Angelica: “What is it with you babies and poop?”

Tommy: “Where do you want us to start, Angelica?”

Come on, how can you think those jokes are bad?

I didn’t say that all of them are bad, just some of them. And why can you quote these jokes? I thought it was bad that I could talk about the movies but you can quote them. I don’t feel so bad now.

I like the Rugrats. That’s why I can quote them.

My little cousin like rugrats too, she’s 7 and needs to be tied up and hung from a ceiling fan while it’s running. She makes Angelica look like an angel. What does it say to you? Angelica is her favorite character.

Angelica looking like an angel? Is that possible?

In my cousin’s case yup. Any kid that can throw her 2 year old sister nto the 10ft end of a swimming pool to teacher how to swim is definately a contender.

Geez, and I thought I was mean to my sister…

I don’t have any siblings so now that I live down here I’m gonna have to get her straightened up.

Tiny little relatives with that much of an age difference are pains-in-the-butt.

Not for me. There on my mental level. Sad but true.