Evo Gearbox Gear Ratio

Our team is planning on switching to EVO Slim - 2 Stage, 3 CIM, 10.86:1 Ratio But they are sold out and we want get the 22.67 ratio but replace the 2 gears that define the ratio the Evo by buying them separately and replace them. I just wanted ask someone to double check to make sure that its possible and if we can do that.
Thanks for the help!

Gearbox to buy:

replace 2 gears with these

So long as the total number of teeth add up to the same number, in this case 70, and if each gear has the correct bore, you can use any combination of gears as you would like. The center distance will remain the same (be careful to use the correct DP). For this specific configuration, 24+46 = 70, so you should be good. Its also a configuration that Andymark offers, so I see no issues.

Yea it works just checked the cad!

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