Evo Shifter shifting Under Load

We have our winch set up with a Evo Shifter that we replaced the high gear with a “locked” gear. When we climb, the solenoid will click but the dog will not move over until the robot back drives to the ground. Our goal with this is that the robot doesn’t sink after the match is done. Attached is a picture of the setup/mods to the Evo. If anyone could help, that would great. Thanks

The dog gear to the right is bolted to the mounting plates of the Evo.

Are you running your motors or allowing the gearbox to coast when you shift? Otherwise, unless you happen to stop the gearbox where the dog and the gear are aligned perfectly, the dog will not engage. Shifting with either the input and/or output rotating will give the two a chance to align.

The gearbox is being backdriven, therefore the output is moving (the winch is unspooling) and it’s only until the robot is on the ground the dog latches. We think holding the robot on the dog (in movement gear) is too much friction to get the dog to move over.

If what you say is what’s happening you could just Grease the heck out of it or see if you can Climb fully and quickly power the CIM to fall when you try to switch. Or just set it to coast and cut the power.