EVO Slim - 2 Stage, 4 RedLine Input, 20.46:1 Ratio with Long Hex Output Shaft

How do you guys feel on the
EVO Slim - 2 Stage, 4 RedLine Input, 20.46:1 Ratio with Long Hex Output Shaft
or different gear ratios i didn’t know if they could be available in a drive train For this upcoming event. Please put your input if you have heard or used these motors before. Cause i’m going to let out a little information.

I would not use Redlines or 775pros on a drivetrain in or after 2020. You’ll get better improvements over a CIM drivetrain using brushless motors such as NEOs or Falcons, and the potential for failures with 775pros or Redlines is too much of a risk on something as important as the drivetrain.


Bolded for emphasis. Both are great motors in manipulators of different sorts, but teams were really pushing the ragged edge (or eating up a lot of PDP slots) to run them on drivetrains effectively. With the smaller, powerful brushless motors entering the market (NEO, Falcon 500) and the classic brushed standbys still around (CIM, Mini CIM), it’s difficult to justify the additional effort to make brushed 775 motors work in this application.

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Something something @Max_Boord

@Fritzypoo can comment further as he designed our drive gearboxes, but 1369 did use 6 775pro drive in 2019 with good results. We did some basic math and determined that gearing around 3.5FPS per motor on each side of the drivetrain was a good rule for making sure we did not burn out motors while still using them at a desirable power output.

Over the course of the season we burned out 0 motors and even after a finals bracket the motors where cold to the touch.

While I would not recommend 775pro drive in 2020 due to the fact that falcons and neos are a better choice, it was effective and showed that it is a better option than cims on the basis of weight and efficiency.

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