Evolution of Team Logos

1293 has had three eras.

Rookie Era (2004-2005)

This logo was used in 2004 and 2005, reflecting the mascots of the three schools 1293 served at the time (a fourth hadn’t been built yet).

Sawblade Era (2005-2008)

The 2005 robot, known as Ockham’s Razor (no, I don’t know why we spelled it that way) inspired a saw blade motif that ran for several years. It died out after a disastrous season in 2008, not just in on-field results (1-9, 35th of 36 at Palmetto) but also in a nobody-really-liked-how-we-got-there sense, which spurred a search for better balance.

Yin-Yang Era (2009-present)

Balance came in the form of the yin-yang motif that the team adopted in 2009 and evolved since. The team rebranded to Pandamaniacs for the 2014 season, and at that point the yin-yang turned hexagonal.

I got a bit more hands-on with it in 2019; we knew the bag was going away, and what started as a joke about dazzle camo to ward off design convergence became an op-art pattern that’s become a staple of our modern branding. We use semi-transparent red to subdue it enough for text and logos.

And that pattern led to the special 20-year logo and avatar we used in 2023.