so here’s a thought that my friend made me ponder one day when we were talking about evolution. Of course, we are all taught to believe that Darwin’s idea of evolution is the sound theory to believe, and with good proof. But my friend points out that, though we are taught that Lamarck’s theory is incorrect because sciences have “proven” that acquired trait evolution can not possibly happen because it has nothing to do with genes, what if we only believe that because a long enough study hasn’t been conducted? What if, in order for Lamarck’s theory to be true, thousands, or even millions of generations of offspring would have to have the same thing done to them in order for it to work? Who’s to say that if something is done long enough, the genes are not going to figure out that this certain limb or trait is not needed anymore? Perhaps it’s not that Lamarck’s theory isn’t correct, just that we haven’t been able to test it long enough.

What are your thoughts on this?

The point of those genes is that they are normally not functionally modified by the body. Any variation is due to random events, such as radiation or miscopying.

Basically, why would they figure out? Who’s going to tell them?