evolving themes

I’ve only been on my school’s robotics team for 2 years now, but I am familiar with the past 3 year’s competitions. I was just wondering if anyone out there has kept track of all of the past FIRST competitions, to see if there is some evolving theme out there. If for nothing else, I would like to know what the old competitions were. Thanks.

Vince T.
Team 418

After five years at this. I have found one evolving theme. “The only constant is change.”

the constant theme, i would say, is competitive co-operation (except for 2001, and we all know that year doesnt count right?:p) and another constant theme would be Gracious Professionalism

Year 7 for me.

A general theme may be the following.
Balls every other year
Except when that pattern doesn’t fit.

I would say long term we should see autonomous play a bigger role as the years go by. I envision a game that is 100% auto. You could, at anytime, take control with RC but you lose a multiplier or points based on how long you ran auto.

For Rookies, who probably wouldn’t attempt full auto they would have player control on the field against auto veterans. Could be interesting.

Also a constant theme is usually something above 6 foot in the air (soon i hope it will say 2 meters in the air but thats not important) a goal, place to put something, place to hang, whatever. Looks better to spectators is what I have always heard.

I hope we have maxed at 130 pounds. i would like that to drop. OSHA wouldn’t allow 2 people to pick up one of the robots we have teenagers hauling around the field.

My 3.5 cents