eWatt Lightbulbs

Does anyone know how we could make a driver that could use something like a 9V battery to power the LED lightbulb like Dean Kamen had? This would be extremely useful for helping sell them.

well an easy way to demo them would be to bring a robot battery hooked up to an inverter and power them inside a lamp.

you could also just bring a lamp and ask to plug it in wherever you are.

I was thinking that it would be a great way to show the small energy usage.

Spend the $20 for a Kill-A-Watt and take that with you, perhaps with a lamp, and a normal bulb to show the energy draw difference. I’d show it running off wall power. A battery will confuse people.

9 volt “Transistor” battery is not capable of sourcing 7 watts:



An inverter really is the only option unless you want to hack into one and remove the transformer and rectifier, or ask that they unscrew one of their lightbulbs for testing.