[EWCP] - 11-13-11 FIRST Supplier Cast

As was announced during last night’s cast, the next EWCPCast will be about what it is like to be an FRC Supplier. We have arranged for none other than Andy Baker to be our special guest for this cast.

Once again we are asking for your input, what should we ask Andy? Obviously we will heckle him about next year’s KoP, FIRST Choice, and the retirement of the CIM motors and the long awaited (if sometimes prematurely assumed) return of the Globe motors. What more do you want to hear?

The cast will be the usual time (9pm EST) at the usual place. Hope to see you there.

And, as always, if you have an idea for a cast or would like to help us in any way please contact us here via PM, at our Facebook page, or just put out free food and wait for us to come by (it won’t take long).

Edit: Just for my own time saving/sanity if we could agree on a format for questions. Maybe put them in a code tag or something. Preferably keep them general and concise as well. Basically that way I can quickly compile the questions for this cast. Sorry to be so demanding.

I would like to hear Andy discuss the process for developing a new product. How does it go from ideation to manufacture to distribution.

WAIT… retirement of CIM motors?! Did I miss something? Is there an announcement or intel on this?

WHAT are Globe motors and where can I find them?

Globe motors are a handy little motor included in past KOPs. They were silver, with a black gearbox of the same diameter directly mounted to them. I remember using them in 2004, but do not remember them in the KOP after that; the BaneBots motors are a decent replacement (those came in around 2006, IIRC).

I don’t remember what their normal use was, though. But, like I said, they were handy; they were slightly lighter-duty than a FP, but strong enough to be used effectively in a number of arm/claw applications. (330 in 2004: 2 Globes powered an arm to remove the doubler ball. We also had a van door motor in there–that’s another one that people have wanted back–to enable sliding along the bar.)


I’m just joking, we know nothing, but losing the CIM is something that is joked about yearly.

Globe motors disappeared from the KOP between 2009 and 2010 if I remember correctly. They were awesome little motors for things that needed finite control and already came with a transmission that gave them a reasonable output speed.

Andrew, you are aware that the removal of the CIM from the KOP might cause the downfall of FRC? I’ve never encountered a motor as forgiving as a CIM - Stall them for 20 seconds, run them hot on a short turnaround, or call them mean names in between matches and they’ll just keep doing their thing.

Along with this I’d be interested to know if, and how many people go to AndyMark with component ideas for them to sell.

Also interested to hear what might be coming in the near future. (Even if its just a hint, it would be cool to know what they are working on)

Just to help clear the air a bit, Globe is a brand that sells all different types of motors. “Oldschoolers” refer to them as “Globe motors” because they were the only Globe branded motor we got in the kit.

The Globe motor we got in the kit specifically was model # 409A587 (I believe thats correct).

Through my own research over the past couple years I’ve learned that those particular globe motors are no long produced. What was left of those motors was already distributed to suppliers.

If the Globes do come back, I’d expect a different version, albeit probably extremely similar, but still not EXACTLY the same.


They were used to shift into 4WD on the transfer case of GM vehicles IIRC. They were one of the most robust motors we ever got in the kit but since their manufacture ceased about 4 years ago they don’t make sense in the kit anymore.

I suggest teasing Andy about the “Thursday Robot Challenge” if the rules allow us to do it this year.

A reminder to all about this cast on Sunday November 13th.

where are most of AM parts manufactured
how large is the staff
how much inventory does AM keep
when does AM start production for build season
what does AM stock the most of

Post whatever comments questions and concerns you have for Andy Baker, co-founder of AndyMark.

Tune in on Sunday!

You beat me to the question. :smiley:

How did AndyMark get started?

There is nothing to indicate a retirement of CIM motors.

Indeed, the CIM is one of the best-sealed motors we’ve had in the kit. I might consider a window motor for use in the water game, but not as a first choice.

Ugh… see folks, this is why I don’t try to be funny.

Andrew, it’s best to remember no one in FIRST has a sense of humor. They take everything seriously and to heart. This fact has prevented more comical ideas my team members have had than anything else.

Breaking News: We are withholding all further segments of Dustin giggling like a schoolgirl until we receive more questions from our audience.

Unfortunately, this means that all time not filled by questions will now be filled with Chris Picone saying the word “um…” more times than he did last cast with cows mooing simultaneously in the background. No one wants that.

We’re hoping to grow our fan base before the end of the year, when we hope to have a super special guest on for you, so please continue to tune in and look for future updates.


For the record I liked it. :slight_smile:

I just sent this update to Richard Sisk, who invited me to participate in this broadcast:


I am excited about Sunday’s podcast. Looking at the CD thread, these are some topics that have been brought up:

  1. Product development process: How does a product go from idea to manufacture to distribution?
  2. Where are most of AM parts manufactured?
  3. How large is the staff?
  4. How much inventory does AM keep?
  5. When does AM start production for build season?
  6. What does AM stock the most of?
  7. How did AndyMark get started?
  8. The running idea of the “Thursday Robot Challenge” if the rules allow us to do it this year. (from team 177)
  9. If and how many people go to AndyMark with component ideas for them to sell?

We can talk a bit about what new products may still come out (we have 2-3 in the works). Also, I would like to talk about the culture of collaboration between small companies who are in this niche market. We work with many, and have the idea that we should work together with our competitors as we build the market.

I can talk about all of these ideas, some more than others. We are fairly proud of our supply chain, and where things are made. I don’t want to get too detailed about what sort of inventory we keep, but I can get more specific about the other things.

I will look to join in around 8:30pm.


The cast begins in 1 hour! Tune in and be sure to show your friends.

Andrew will post the direct link as soon as he has it.