[EWCP] 2013 Game Reaction Cast

What better way to spend your Sunday Night, January 13th, from 9-10 PM EST than listing in to the EWCP 2013 Game Reaction Cast!

We’ll start the cast by talking to two of the members from the Robot in 3 Days project about the design & build process they went though earlier this week and what they learned from their experience.

The second part of the cast will be dedicated to a discussion about the 2013 FRC game, our reactions, and thoughts about the strategies we may see on the field.

Join us at the usual place (http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web...d=98466&cmd=tc) and usual time 9PM EST for a discussion about Ultimate Ascent!

Aww, wish I could be there. This is going to be great.

Excited to listen to this. You can get a lot from listening to people discussing different approaches to the game.

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Will the webcast be archived?

Talkshoe records all of the EWCPcasts.

You can also find the recordings on iTunes.

It was… but the consensus was that the unrecorded portions after the call are some of the most interesting.