[EWCP] Championship Prediction Cast

Ok folks, we’ve been quiet this season because we’ve been cooking up something big. Instead of our usual talkshoe based blabfest where we talk about some teams we decided to make it a little contest.

Tuesday (4-22) at 9pm eastern we will be going live on the air (going to try to have video.ewcp.org point there) and doing a Championship Preview Cast unlike any before. We’re going to be doing a draft on the air and explaining why the alliances are being picked that way. We currently have 7 teams made up of a combination of your traditional EWCP folks as well as a few others. Each team will make their pick and have 1 minute to justify it to the audience.

So, who is picking?

Team West Drost Drive
Eric Drost
Shan Rammah
Team Trinidad Jame$
James Temple
Brian Smist
Team FroCone
Dustin Benedict
Chris Picone
Team Scooby
Ethan “Scrappy” Miller
Steven “Scooby” Donow
Team Sliderule
Jeremy Bydlon
Andrew Spiece
Team Baker’s Dozen (Name subject to change)
Nick Lawrence
Andy Baker

We’ve also partnered with GameSense and they will be comprising a picking team.

As you can see, we are still short one team. I’ll let you know as soon as we figure out what is going on there, if any parties are interested feel free to PM me.

Since we have to also determine the alliance captains, the picking order will have a double pick for each first pick (teams pick their captain and first pick in a row). This makes the pick order:

Zachary Orr and I will be hosting this event and keeping everything on track.

How you can help? If there’s not a picture of your bot on TBA get it up there, that’s where I’ll be going to display pictures of robots while the teams justify their pick.

Pretty cool–I’ll be tuning in (or at least listening to it a few hours later in the archive).

Are you guys going to be picking for each division?

Yeah, each team will be doing a full alliance for each division.

And I guess I wasn’t quite clear, this is full on video not just audio. We will be recording it all though so it’ll show up on youtube.

Pretty sweet. Been waiting for ewcp cast all season.

Awesome. Can’t wait.

If I didn’t have finals to study for I would try and form a team.
Hopefully those Pre-Champs Scouting Google docs fill up quick, those are invaluable sources of information.

Been missing EWCP casts as well. This sounds awesome and I will be tuning in for sure!

Too bad I’ll be on a bus to a certain US city then, but this sounds awesome!

What a cool idea

It would also be fun to revisit this after Champs to see which team wins bragging rights for being closest to what actually happened.

my money is on team scooby!


I am going with team Baker.

There’s actually a scoring rubric, there will be a winner.

First selection is a captain	20
Team selected where they fall in actual draft	5
Alliance member is QFist	5
Alliance member is SFist	10
Alliance member is Finalist	15
Alliance member is Division Champion	20
Alliance member is Einstein Finalist	20
Alliance member is World Champion	30
2/4 teams on same alliance	POINTS x 2
3/4 teams on same alliance	POINTS x 3
4/4 teams on same alliance	POINTS x 4

I debated adding in points for making Zach squirt diet coke out his nose live on air with your explanations. But I figured that would be its own reward.

Team GameSense RoboWeather is bringing you the forecast, Live with EWCP. Dave and I are bringing the storm, so watch out, because when it rains it pours!

I am also betting on Team Scooby to win it all!

Well, the event is on Google +

Tomorrow at 9pm We will go live. And lemme just say, the picklists are looking good.

video.ewcp.org will direct to the event on Google+

Looking forward to tonight’s cast!

Man, I wish it was before 6 my time. I’m gonna be in bed. You probably think I’m kidding. I am not. Don’t ya love staying up until 5:15 to finish calculus homework so you can go to St. Louis?

Well, good thing it’ll be recorded for you:)