[EWCP]: Effective Offseason Strategies

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has been a long time since a cast came out, we have all been very busy in the offseason and vacation.


Featured speakers:
Dustin from 816
Andrew Schreiber
Nick Lawrence from 1503
Jack Sneeringer from 2791
James Tonthat from 1477

A few notes of mentioned links in the cast:

Hope you enjoy and find some help in this, and as always, feel free to add comments and feedback. We will hopefully be posting new EWCP resources mentioned in this cast for teams soon. Note that many of us don’t really have an “offseason” so many things in here have been left out, as there are many many things you can do during the offseason to improve your team. Please direct questions to those who spoke in the cast, I was off doing college-y things.

Big note from Peter Matteson of 177:

Make sure your mentors and students all have some downtime, even if you are a highly competitive team. Everyone needs a break to avoid burnout.

Thanks for the reminder Peter!

Really great podcast. For those of you who don’t wish to start a 45min podcast, I assure you this one is completely full of information.
It addresses topics regarding new members, sponsorships, offseasons, offseason events, mentorships, etc… Essentially, everything a FIRST team leader will need to know or think about regarding both the pre-season and how to approach the start of season.
I definitely suggest listening to it. Directed towards Akash, is there a central resource in which the group generally stores their podcasts/other information?

All of our casts may be located at http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=98466&cmd=tc

The show notes are something we are trying out as a way of organizing our thoughts and discussion and of giving a document out to the community. I haven’t found a great way of organizing those yet.

Edit: If there are links you think NEED to be in there let me know (pm or in this thread) and I’ll add them.