[EWCP] EWCPcast, 1-5-12 and 1-8-12, Twas the night before kickoff and Game Reactions

Excellent cast once again everyone, and thank you, Dustin, for letting me sit in. I didn’t talk a lot, but I hope some of the questions I asked and the following discussions helped the listeners in some way or another.

Keep it up!

Chat Transcript

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<schreiaj> Oh, and you guys are enjoying the casts, please like us on FB and leave a comment with your team number(s) We'd love to know who you are!
<Guest 6> Call starts at nine correct?
<schreiaj> https://www.facebook.com/pages/EWCPcast-presented-by-The-East-West-Collaboration-Project/110990662319846
<schreiaj> That is correct 6
<Guest 6> Thanks, I need to get an account lol.
<schreiaj> I'm technically waiting for Dustin too.
schreiaj is on the call
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<rtfgnow> I can hear
<schreiaj> If you can't hear me talking a second ago you need to make sure you can.
<JacobP79> I heard
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<Guest 5> heard
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<Guest 3> Yessir
<JacobP79> Duh
<smitsmcgee> Much better.
<Guest 8> looks like none :P
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<smitsmcgee> Or just no rookies
<JacobP79> 6 years
<Guest 7> 5 years
<smitsmcgee> This is my first EWCP cast, does that count?
<rtfgnow> #5 on 79
<smitsmcgee> 4th year, senior on team 1507
<Guest 3> Team 1676, junior, team co-leader
<JacobP79> 4 on 79 and the last 2 on 2059
<Guest 7> are you happy with no minibots
<Leeland1126> 1126, 4 years. This is my fifth game. Just graduated.
<Guest 4> 5th year- Team 1884
<Guest 2> 7 years, 1714
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<smitsmcgee> Hiya 1126, I know you guys.
<rtfgnow> who enjoyed Dean's speech on kick-off
<Guest 3> I enjoyed sleeping during it...
<Guest 2> 2006
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<Guest 5> Was with 781 for 4 years. Now in first year uni.
<Guest 2> i was in 8th grade team member
<Guest 10> 2 years
<Leeland1126> 1507! Very nice, Smits!
<smitsmcgee> It's nice to see some numbers I recognize from local competitions lol
<Leeland1126> Haha definitely!
<Guest 7> ramp
<Guest 10> I'd guess ramps will win most qualifiers
<Guest 3> The points from scoring balls will probably equal the points due to the ramp
<JacobP79> ramp in elims
<smitsmcgee> Ramp at early comps, balls as competition gets better (champs)
<Guest 5> ramp
<Guest 3> The 3 robots per ramp in eliminations will be key
<Guest 2> coop ramp will be huge
<Guest 5> agree with smits
<Guest 4> depends on # of robots on ramp
<Guest 10> At the higher level the three areas (auto, tele, ramp) should be more balanced
<Leeland1126> Still undecided... 
<Guest 4> Auto is vital
<smitsmcgee> It'll be like last year how minibots could win week 1/2 regionals alone, but at champs tubes were just as important.
<Leeland1126> I'm leaning towards ramps, then
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<Guest 4> Average Score guess
<JacobP79> The limited amount of balls helps the ramps be more valuable
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<smitsmcgee> Weeks 1 and 2, ramps will win. Average score will be less than 20.
<Guest 2> do you happen to have the average balls scored per team from aim high?
<Guest 4> 30-50
<Guest 9> guessing 20
<JacobP79> 40
<Guest 7> 20 with a ramp
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<Guest 3> Average score....20. Highest = 50
<Guest 3> *In week 1
<Guest 9> actually i take it back 10-20 average
<smitsmcgee> 20. Plenty of rookies, plenty of teams who haven't made a robot to shoot a ball in a long time.
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<rtfgnow> I'd say 30 +- 10 in Elims
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<smitsmcgee> As a team with a pretty successful power dumper in Lunacy, I can't apply much from that year for this.
<smitsmcgee> I believe the correct term is Barrier?
<Guest 2> not yet
<Guest 7> we put a person over the ramp does that count
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<Guest 3> ^same
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<Guest 15> Hey Leeland! Starke here!
<Guest 9> thanks for the tip
<JacobP79> good point, most people focus on 2006 and 2001
<Leeland1126> Hey Starke!
<pyeung45> That's me
<Guest 3> 2004 had a similar barrier?
<Guest 15> I wish talk shoe let us change our guest names.........
thefro526 is on the call
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<smitsmcgee> I made an account like 3 minutes ago, it's not difficult.
<Guest 2> check out wildstang from 04, awesome way to get on that step
<Guest 3> Ah, okay, thanks a lot.
<grimtuesday> so, any chokehold strategies anyone?
<Guest 15> 340 was a good one too
<Guest 15> from 2004
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<Guest 3> Thanks
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<Guest 4> Sim swerve was epic
<Guest 9> idk if it just me but i find this game really boring
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<Guest 15> 340 2004: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/17076
<Guest 17> there'll be hidden depth 9
<Guest 4> calling from london is expensive
<schreiaj> fair enough
jwfoss is on the call
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<Guest 15> FRC Designs - Check it out! http://www.frc-designs.com/
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<rtfgnow> Hour Florida driving or hour Michigan driving?
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<JacobP79> Andrew where do you live?
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<JacobP79> I think there is a new team at a boys and girls club near there
<stevend223> psssh how about hour jersey driving?
<GCentola1126> the basketballs are really fun to play with 
<smitsmcgee> And inconsistent!
<GCentola1126> well...that too
<Guest 15> They make good dodgeballs........
<GCentola1126> yeah!
<pyeung45> don't care for them
<stevend223> we lost one of our basketballs immediately for a good hour or so after we got to our shop
<Guest 19> Yeah, small hopper is a Good Thing.
<grimtuesday> hopper bot
<Guest 9> this year the rules are simple
<grimtuesday> accepts balls from teammates
<stevend223> small hopper is helpful, you just doont need a large one
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lawrence1503 is on the call
<stevend223> the simulation is all lunacy inspired bots
<grimtuesday> this year the rules are ambigous
<stevend223> the simulator is good for getting a feel of the game
<Guest 15> yay for increased level of competition!!!!!!!!!
<Guest 17> Yay for most teams being able to do endgame
<smitsmcgee> Being able to move would be a good start.
<grimtuesday> I disagree with that; because your scoring is not defined by goals this year they are defined by balls.
<Guest 7> no minibot!!!!!
<grimtuesday> Balls are the limiting factor
<Guest 19> Silly question: When do you know OPR's relevant?
<stevend223> technically isnt the ramp not endgame? you can do it whenever you want during the match, right?
Florida is on the call
Florida has hung up
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<grimtuesday> if an opponent scores the ball anywhere but the top rack and you score in the top rack
<smitsmcgee> Yes, but you get the points when the match ends.
<GCentola1126> yeah, technically
<grimtuesday> you have a net gain
<stevend223> i view the endgame as the last 30 seconds and being able to throw over the alliance wall
<Guest 21> did this just start?
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<schreiaj> hasnt started recording yet
<stevend223> though i still see the bridge as an endgame
<schreiaj> we're just talking
<Guest 21> ok
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<Leeland1126> Shorter robots will be better for ramps, I'd think.
<pyeung45> i'm nervous of a tipping widebased
<lawrence1503> Howdy Mr. Yeckley
<smitsmcgee> Just keep the CoG reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally low
<Guest 2> wildstang was widebased on 06
<Guest 2> idk their drive though
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<Guest 19> MOE had a wheelie bar.
<Guest 2> yeah, their bumper extended
<schreiaj> we're trying to get Gabe in still.
<Guest 2> to go up the ramp
<Guest 15> 340 had a wheelie bar
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Florida is on the call
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<Guest 19> And IRI.
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<pyeung45> bridges seem important
<Guest 19> Truth. Come prepared not to flip.
<Leeland1126> 1126 will probably have a severe fear of tipping over -_-
<smitsmcgee> Hey Nick
<grimtuesday> hey leeland
<GCentola1126> D:
<grimtuesday> and garrick
<Leeland1126> Hey Simon!
<GCentola1126> Hey Simon!
<SuperNerd256> Going over the bump seems important for strong scorers going back and forth, really fast
<Guest 21> Im predicting Car Nack will predict a match where 3 robots are on a bridge will only happen a handfull of times EVER.
<Cyberphil> What if one robot feeds balls from opposite side?
<GCentola1126> 1126+ramps = tip. And the ramp moves this year 
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<Guest 19> Greg Needel called under 50 times this season.
<GCentola1126> I think it might happen more frequently come the better elimination matches
<lawrence1503> smitsmgee, what team?
<schreiaj> ^ yup, I was chatting with him last night about that
<Hallry1676> When does 'Car Nack' first predict?
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<GCentola1126> We may all end up building smaller robots
<smitsmcgee> 1507. it's Brian
<Guest 21> Exactly
<lawrence1503> oh hey
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<stevend223> probably between stop build day and week 1
<pyeung45> how about a 111 bot from 2001 (carries robot on its top)
<Leeland1126> I'd agree with that. Mostly in elims. But a lot of times, alliances are probablly gonna be shooting for that coopertition bridge.
<Guest 19> One can not predict when Car Nack will speak.
<Guest 21> I could be Car Nack
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<Guest 21> 
<GCentola1126> I think Einstein alliances will have 3 robots balancing
<smitsmcgee> The way that rule is written it
<grimtuesday> agreed with this
<smitsmcgee> it's gonna be hard to play defense at all
<grimtuesday> defense is impossible given current rules
<Guest 21> I think that is likely one of the few times it will happen
<stevend223> but the question there is how do you judge 50 percent from a ref's POV?
<grimtuesday> also, if in key and alley, robots can touch and both team get fouls?
<GCentola1126> defense is tricky. not impossible
<smitsmcgee> Defense will be touchy at best
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<GCentola1126> and Simon, i think it depends on who initiates the contact
<Leeland1126> Defense is going to be hoarding as many balls as possible.
<Guest 19> Citation needed.
<Guest 21> Hoarding is illegal
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<Guest 21> if you posses 3 balls
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<Leeland1126> Like, having as many in your alliance's area as possible.
SuperNerd256 is logged into the chat
<Guest 20> 1126- G28 is the only rule G44 does not apply to
<smitsmcgee> Is it illegal to push all the balls into your lane and just camp there?
<GCentola1126> yes.
<GCentola1126> but it doesnt apply to g25
<grimtuesday> smitsmcgee, if you cooperate with another robot to do it, that's blocking the flow
<LeviBackgammon> 20 - Speaking of that exception, what's the impact?
<GCentola1126> so what ahppens if a blue robot gets slammed into a red bridge by a red robot?
<Guest 28> which robot is counted in the hoarding rules?
<rtfgnow> He wasn't yell about no swerve, so no.
<Guest 21> I see designs that implement a gatherer that can ALSO put down the ramp being common
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<stevend223> i know someone with the exact same name as you-gabe salas lol
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<pyeung45> no!!!!!!
<Guest 21> no karth?
The recording has started.
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<schreiaj> No Karthik
<jwfoss> not tonight
<Guest 29> No Karthik? 
<schreiaj> We;ll get him on sometime again in the future
<Guest 21> Yikes
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<Guest 21> ok
<Guest 17> Cast begins here for those reading transcript
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<Guest 17> _______________
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<GCentola1126> i like it
<pyeung45> like shooting dislike game a bit though
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<rtfgnow> I'm not a fan of the name
<stevend223> not a fan of the name lol
<smitsmcgee> They could've thought of a better name.
<Guest 21> not a fan of the name
<smitsmcgee> lol
<Guest 28> I like, but think rookies will have major issues
<pyeung45> name=lame
<Guest 21> or the build-up
<Guest 29> But imagine the MCs taking advantage of that name
<Guest 28> and yeah dislike name
<GCentola1126> definitely
<Guest 21> hints were USELESS
<stevend223> needs to relate more to basketball IMO
<Cyberphil> Yes, balls in basket=hard!
<DrTheta> I think it's an appropriate name, I see a lot of rebounds occurring
<GCentola1126> the player stations are separated 
<Guest 29> What was with the showing all the game pieces from the previous years?
<smitsmcgee> Coaches will need to communicate without getting in the way of the inbounders.
<GCentola1126> i think that will be fun for communication when one alliance partner is isolated
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<grimtuesday> train our coaches on treadmills
<Guest 28> would wired headsets between coaches be theoretically possible?
<schreiaj> check the rules 28
<stevend223> psssh i run the box as an operator
<Guest 21> i think wireless com is illegal
<stevend223> wireless is, wired might not be
<Guest 28> wired, not wireless
<stevend223> but it might not be logistically worth it
<grimtuesday> wired coms, though
<smitsmcgee> The small one is 44", don't know how big the normal ones are.
<Guest 21> Whats the distortion of view with those hoops?? they look obnoxious
<pyeung45> cups and string?
<Cyberphil> Yes, definitely blind spot!
<stevend223> 48 i believe
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<GCentola1126> what about a 469?
<Guest 21> Thats what this game should be called. "blind spot"
<stevend223> what did he say about the wall, it was a little muffled on my end
<smitsmcgee> Most teams will probably bounce balls as far as possible, just like throwing tubes last year.
<Cyberphil> how to call in?
<SuperNerd256> PHIL! PHIL! PHIL! PHIL!
<schreiaj> +1 724 444-7444 98466#
<Cyberphil> Got it!
<grimtuesday> can students call in or do you only want mentors?
<schreiaj> students are fine
Guest 38 is logged into the chat
<schreiaj> Heck, Nick is a student
<thefro526> No profanity and you're in.
<thefro526> Also, Nick is Canadian
<schreiaj> and no derping
<Guest 17> Can anyone comment on this year's ramps vs. 2001?
<GCentola1126> ugh
<jwfoss> smaller, more stable
<Guest 5> Yay Canada. That is all
<Guest 21> agreeeee
<Guest 19> But winning and balancing counts double.
<Guest 4> hoops cost $80 in the UK
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<stevend223> bridge is worth twice as much as a win i belive
<Guest 28> at least coopertition means something this year though
<DrTheta> Agree
<JacobP79> just the middle bridge
<GCentola1126> but if both alliances get on the bridge but dont balance, you eaach get 1 coop point
<schreiaj> middle bridge is 2
<schreiaj> win is 2
<smitsmcgee> It should have been a tiebreaker.
<Guest 17> Do they drift towards the center or stay on one side once down?
<stevend223> my apologies
<DrTheta> I like the rest of the ranking structure though
<stevend223> its the same
Guest 39 is logged into the chat
<LeviBackgammon> 1 for unbalanced but occupied mid.
Guest 40 is logged into the chat
<LeviBackgammon> 17 - they return to center.
<pyeung45> sounds like some FLL games
<Guest 37> Is it possible to get 1 coop point or will teams roll down the bridge and touch the ground every time?
<LeviBackgammon> We had a long chat on that, wish the manual just said.
<DrTheta> Autonomous scoring for secondary ranking trait
<GCentola1126> especially because some teams may have no idea what they are doing
rtfgnow is on the call
<stevend223> i believe you get one coop point just by being on the ramp along
<Guest 21> The ramps in general are an iffy element so far. No one seems to be able to accurately predict how they will pan out
<LeviBackgammon> 37 - 1 co-op for unbalanced, but occupied ramp.
<grimtuesday> sure, I'll call in
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<Guest 19> Not even the GDC.
<Guest 17> Auto can be worth as much as a bridge.\
<stevend223> ah i see
<Guest 37> but to be occupied, both robots need to be supported by ramp. but if one team rolls down and touches they ground, I dont think they are supported
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<LeviBackgammon> Is that what the rule is?
ayeckley is logged into the chat
<stevend223> yeah, its a blue box under the rule that defines ramp scoring
Cyberphil is on the call
<Guest 28> 37 is right
<Guest 17> What would you rather have, a change right before Week 7 or advance warning?
Guest 41 is logged into the chat
<Guest 21> cyber, youre muted
<Guest 19> End of Regionals, I bet.
<Guest 21> just fyi
<stevend223> i like the fact that you get more points for 3 balancing during elims
<GCentola1126> so is going to the coop ramp early as a "hey. we are willing" gesture a good idea?
S Cent. New York is on the call
<schreiaj> Saturday at ~3, change only applies to Einstein
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<LeviBackgammon> I think that would be something you'd work out before the game started with the other alliance.
<LeviBackgammon> Like, bargaining.
<stevend223> @GCentola, yeah definitely, some thing like that needs to be devised
<LeviBackgammon> Metagame theory!
<Guest 17> They deliberately want 2 robots on each alliance and 1 of eachin coop
<schreiaj> S Cent NY, I think you had noise in the BG
<Guest 21> true
<Guest 21> thats a pain
<smitsmcgee> The fact that your opponents can control all but 3 balls is....interesting.
<grimtuesday> any noise still?
<Guest 19> Except you could hoard then--not now.
<schreiaj> no
<Guest 2> i thought 120
<Guest 17> I'm iffy on the hoard rules
<GCentola1126> in theory, couldnt you steal balls from the opposing alley if it is clear?
<Guest 28> smits - but if they score one, then the Inbounders have to kinda juggle to get one in play
Guest 42 is logged into the chat
<smitsmcgee> Yeah, but even with some leeway they can pretty easily make it so you're only playing with 4 balls at a time.
Guest 42 has left the chat
<Guest 21> cyber is the strong silent type 
<schreiaj> Cyber is gonna get his chance 
<Cyberphil> You know it
<Guest 21> That beam is going to be crossed
Guest 43 is logged into the chat
<Guest 17> I'm concerned that many teams will set up as "feeders" and there will be a dearth of actual shooters
<Guest 21> ALOT
<stevend223> it WILL be crossed, and the teams that cross it have a huge legup/advantage
<smitsmcgee> I think there will be a lot of defense preventing teams from getting to the ramp at the end, much like preventing teams from getting to the poles.
<GCentola1126> Hi simon 
<SuperNerd256> Hello Tuesday!
<Guest 21> simonnnnn
<GCentola1126> WELCOME TO EWCP
<LeviBackgammon> Oh sup.
<smitsmcgee> Hey, that's another Rochester area team! Yay for WNY.
<schreiaj> *EWCPcast
<GCentola1126> i beat supernerd 
<schreiaj> EWCP is TECHNICALLY different
<GCentola1126> dang
<GCentola1126> i was close
<Hallry1676> So basically have a large net, which leads it into a completely accurately shooter?
<Guest 29> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10982151/Trolol.bmp
<stevend223> i get it
<Hallry1676> That shoots into the top hoop?
<LeviBackgammon> Simon, you're talking about the launcher zeroed into a specific robot location/facing?
<Guest 37> still need partners that can shoot balls
<smitsmcgee> So other robots feed your robot.
<Guest 17> That won't get 5 in the end game, no way
<stevend223> but does that may break your 14 inches
<LeviBackgammon> Yeah, Hallry.
<Hallry1676> Okay
<LeviBackgammon> Like 2009 - one of the teams.
<Guest 29> The dl link shows Simon's idea
<LeviBackgammon> Basically, drive to a specific spot, and from there you have 100% accuracy.
<stevend223> there's about 3.25 inches that you CAN'T reach to the hoop
<LeviBackgammon> You don't need to reach the hoop/.
<LeviBackgammon> A calibrated launcher would be fine.
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<LeviBackgammon> Also, speaking of distance from hoop...
<Guest 17> What are your thoughts on a robot to stack another on top of it to make the 40 elim points happen
<LeviBackgammon> 38.5in fender, 18in diam. hoop 6 in from the wall, 14in envelope for the robot.
<Guest 21> i already said
<LeviBackgammon> What's that work out to...?
<Guest 21> its only gonna happen a hand full of times
<Guest 29> XD
<stevend223> i was thinking about that
<stevend223> sometimes, taking the penalty MIGHT be worth it
<Guest 19> Yeah, hadn't thought of that....
<Guest 39> A minimal drive train, two powered wheels, two coasters
<Guest 21> Camping will not be that great
<Guest 37> I think several teams will be able to make 80% shots from the key
<Guest 17> We have a scaled prototype of stack bot
Guest 36 has left the chat
<Guest 21> not many robots wil be passerrs
<Hallry1676> Is anyone thinking of sitting in the key and shooting accurately, but having a drive train to move around and get balls?
<Guest 17> that another robot could climb on
<Guest 19> Doesn't R01 effectively require mobility? http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/viewItem/57#4.1.1
<Guest 39> I agree with 19
<Guest 29> Not in the spirit of FIRST...
<Guest 29> 
<GCentola1126> but playing a cleaner game comes in handy later
<Guest 21> That is not proffesional
Guest 44 is logged into the chat
<Guest 21> AT ALL
<LeviBackgammon> I think that's smart play, too.
Guest 32 has left the chat
<Hallry1676> Definitely
<Guest 21> Tipping a bot over?
<LeviBackgammon> No.
<Guest 19> Yeah, smart play to bump there.
<Guest 21> to move them, sure thats fine
<LeviBackgammon> Taking the penalty for moving an opposing robot by contacting it in key.
<Guest 21> ok thats fine
<Guest 21> i see that as ok
<stevend223> this way stats could show higher scores
<stevend223> in comparison to say, breakaway
<Guest 21> but purposely TIPPING them, not cool
<Guest 29> hahaha
<smitsmcgee> Higher average scores definitely.
<Guest 29> YES AGREED
<Guest 29> No GLOSSARY!
<LeviBackgammon> Prevent neg. scores, too
<Guest 39> no gollsery -> sad
<stevend223> they tried to simplify the manual, and yeah, they need a glossary
<LeviBackgammon> Manual is irritating
<Guest 37> if a team builds a top heavy robot and you try to tip them by not breakiing any rules, I don't have a problem with it
<Guest 19> Can someone say where the bumper zone is defined this year?
<Guest 21> I <3 manual
<Guest 29> I prefered the rules when they were twice as thick
<smitsmcgee> Hahaha Manual Part 2.
<LeviBackgammon> We wasted ~1/2 hour discussing whether the bridge returned to center
<schreiaj> Not sure I agree, if the penalty is 3pts and it nets me 10 pts? That's a failure in the game
<stevend223> 2-10 inches bumper zone
<LeviBackgammon> And it would be nice if it just said.
<Guest 39> manual simplified? this is so much more difficult to understand.
<Guest 21> Its simple
Guest 33 has left the chat
<stevend223> yes it has
<Guest 21> 18
<stevend223> becuase it says "bridge" not "alliance bridge" or "coopertition bridge"
<LeviBackgammon> "simple"
<Guest 29> 2 for each robot, 2 on each bridge
<Leeland1126> 6 on the ramps, 2 for each robot. That's all that is said, I believe.
<GCentola1126> I think we know when an allaince gets a point for scoring, but the actual rule for that is ambiguous
<Guest 28> simulator says 18 as well, I'm guessing FIRST would have checked that
<Hallry1676> yes, 18. 2 for each of the 6 robots, plus 2 for each of the three ramps
<LeviBackgammon> I think it says 16 if you count them up.
<Guest 21> agree
<LeviBackgammon> *18
<Guest 29> Agreed
<stevend223> ugggggh the peg heights last year
<Hallry1676> haha, yeah steven
<Guest 29> :P So true
<LeviBackgammon> Yes, that's irritating.
<Guest 21> But it should be clarified
<LeviBackgammon> Manual really should say.
<Hallry1676> *and then mess them up in the team drawings =P
<Guest 21> I find the animation disheartening
<LeviBackgammon> Sorry, tangent, how close can we get to the hoop?
<stevend223> the arena section works this year
<smitsmcgee> The stuff that's in the Manual is good, but the things that are missing are blatant.
<Guest 21> it doesnt say the points for the ramp, it says the co-op points only.
Guest 45 is logged into the chat
<Hallry1676> 3/4ths of an inch away i believe to the bottom hoop?
<GCentola1126> It might slow it down
<Guest 19> You could control them all--the alley.
<Hallry1676> Well, an entire alliance can have 15 balls
<Guest 29> And ally
<LeviBackgammon> 38.5in fender - (6 in hoop->wall + 14 in bot reach + 18in hoop diameter)?
<GCentola1126> so one robot couldnt hold 18
<smitsmcgee> Could you wedge the balls in the corner of your lane and protect them?
<Guest 39> Where on the field will there be congestion or will there be? My guess is bridges at lower-grade regionals will be a bigger problem.
<LeviBackgammon> So that works out to half an inch to the edge of the hoop?
<Guest 37> plus then you could push balls into your key or ally and completely starve the other alliance
<Guest 21> To make it different from aim high
<Hallry1676> Guest 29, a robot CAN go into the other alliance's robot to get their balls
<Leeland1126> So you don't build a robot that has a 18 ball capacity. They're scaling down 2006 scoring.
Guest 46 is logged into the chat
<Hallry1676> *Guest 29, a robot CAN go into the other alliance's LANE to get their balls
<smitsmcgee> But if there's a robot "protecting" the balls in your lane, they risk a penalty to get them.
<JacobP79> New challenge
<Guest 17> Guys, I may have found the equivalent of the dual-hang this year in autonomous. Teams with no autonomous will give their balls to the center (ctd.)
<GCentola1126> holding 3 also make it easier to retain them without jamming
<LeviBackgammon> Speaking of congestion, we can drive over the divider, right?
<Guest 21> True
<Guest 37> Hallry, but you can then touch them while they are in your alley and get 3 pts
<Guest 21> they will anyway
<Guest 29> Of course, Levi
Guest 47 is logged into the chat
<Hallry1676> Guest 37, that's if you touch their robot, not their ballsd
<Guest 29> And Mike it's called the barrier
<Guest 17> bridge, then a pro shooting robot will tip the bridge and give them all the balls. They can shoot them for lots of points
<pyeung45> coopertition scores seem like it could be too much
<smitsmcgee> It's worth too much. If anything, 1 point. But it should be a tiebreaker.
<Guest 21> hahaha
<LeviBackgammon> 29, who are you?
<Guest 19> Work the pay plan. Balance each match.
<Guest 21> well robots that can balance well ARE good
<Guest 21> to be honest
<Guest 21> in this game
<LeviBackgammon> They'll be picked most
<Guest 21> exactly
Guest 48 is logged into the chat
<pyeung45> it makes it very strategic
<Hallry1676> Like minibots...
<LeviBackgammon> We had this silly idea.
<Guest 21> people will want to try for the 40
<smitsmcgee> Upset city.
<stevend223> i understand wanting to push the coopertition score as important, but this year itsbroken
<GCentola1126> I'm glad they at least kept the seeding from last year
<Guest 21> it is
<GCentola1126> just added to it 
<LeviBackgammon> Robot with 50lbs. weight and automatic gyroscope that entirely took over duty of balancing.
<Leeland1126> It's another challenge to overcome. If a team that REALLY wants the number one spot isn't willing to go the extra mile to get the coopertition points
<Leeland1126> Do they really deserve it?
<LeviBackgammon> And even if it did nothing else it would still probably do excellent in seeding.
<stevend223> thats an interesting viewpoint of it, "everyone's fight"
<Guest 21> no
<Guest 39> the shift of scoring during after seeding - how will this upset the advantage of such a #1 robot?
<pyeung45> we discussed it for like an hour
<smitsmcgee> With 30 seconds left, teams should be lining up at the cooperatition ramp.
<Guest 19> Here's the thing though--balance AND win.
<DrTheta> Ranking rules would have been much cleaner without coopertition points adding to qualification points
<LeviBackgammon> It would have been boring.
<Guest 21> Rank will be unimportant, "bad" teams will try hard for co-op and pick good teams (scorers).
<LeviBackgammon> Now we have a metagame.
<stevend223> a lot didn't like it in 2010 IIRC, but now it looks so better than this year
<smitsmcgee> 1st should be only win-loss. Ever.
<DrTheta> agreed
<Guest 28> agree
<stevend223> this is counter-intuitive to the "FIRST=Sport"
<Guest 21> agree
<Guest 46> do coopertition points count for a single bot, or for the whole alliance?
Guest 47 has left the chat
<Guest 21> whole alliance.
<LeviBackgammon> Whole alliance recievesthem.
<Guest 46> thanks
<Guest 17> No reason not to try for the ramp this year, at least for the 1 pt
<Guest 21> Ughhhhhh they need to lose this bridge deal
<LeviBackgammon> If you're ahead of your opponent, and you're winning, do you want to balance the bridge.
<stevend223> 17, but then the ramp is worth 10-20 points to jump ahead
<Guest 19> If you're ahead by two and you're winning, balancing makes no difference--the delta is still two for the win.
<LeviBackgammon> Yeah, what they just said.
<Guest 46> true, but how will the HDPE on the bridge affect teams with slicker wheels like mecanums?
<Guest 37> will we see opponent alliances talk before matches?
<Guest 46> i thin opponents will strategize, at least the smart ones.
<schreiaj> It is polycarb
<Guest 17> 19, the delta vs all 54 other robots in the regional is 2 or 4.
Guest 49 is logged into the chat
<Guest 17> it's important
<stevend223> 37, definitely, at least in week 1, maybe later other things will be discovered
Guest 50 is logged into the chat
<pyeung45> it may benefit you to not get the coopertition ramp but what about your partners?
<LeviBackgammon> It might come down to "Well, screw them"
<smitsmcgee> If they're going to win, you basically hold their other 2 points in your hands.
<DrTheta> Can't this system lead to collusion>
<DrTheta> ?
<Guest 21> yes
Guest 48 has left the chat
thefro526 has hung up
<LeviBackgammon> Ties are never going to happen
<Guest 21> to smits
<Guest 46> "coopertition", not collusion
<Guest 17> agree with pyeung45, you may be a powerhouse, a rookie, anywhere in between, but your partners may not have your same record
<jwfoss> DrTheta. Yes.
<smitsmcgee> That
<smitsmcgee> That's bad.
<Guest 19> Balancing helps everyone on the field here. The win/loss delta remains constant.
<Guest 13> Are teams more likely to put an adult in as coach to negotiate with opponents on the coopertition bridge?
<Guest 28> 17: but unfortunately, the lower one may defer to the powerhouse
thefro526 is on the call
<stevend223> that works more than what we have this year; not ideal, but better
<Guest 21> i dislike the co-opertition
Guest 14 has left the chat
<Guest 37> 13, I think the teams that plan to talk to opponents already have adults as field coach
<Hallry1676> Lost audio...
<Guest 37> correlation, not causeation
<LeviBackgammon> Cooperation vs. collaboration vs. collusion, which would coopertition fall into?
<pyeung45> it would seem that if no.1,25, and 47 vs 2, 20, and 30. 1 wouldn't want to do the middle bridge at all unless they knew they could win but 25 and 47m
<Guest 21> whats collusion?
<pyeung45> *may
<Guest 17> esqejgyjkfbjlwfbjklhbjvlhdqgwjkhvgrwdebjkhvgdebjmn,vbjn,fejfebjmnefqbjmnfrfjhebj2hejknhe hacked
<LeviBackgammon> Negative cooperation, basically.
<LeviBackgammon> Colluding with the enemy
<Guest 21> yikes
Guest 50 has left the chat
<Guest 19> 2001.
Hallry1676 has left the chat
<Guest 19> Because there were like five alliance members.
<DrTheta> I'm not talking about collusion in match between opponents
<GCentola1126> There was a 39-0 match on Curie in 2010
<pyeung45> no wedge bots
<Guest 29> But you can push!
<LeviBackgammon> wat
Guest 51 is logged into the chat
<LeviBackgammon> Can't entangle the field
<Guest 29> Pushing is not disallowed (sorry for double negative)
<Guest 34> Wait
<Guest 21> balancing two robots will be easy, i have felt the ramps firsthand 
<LeviBackgammon> You can interfere with it while not on the ramp, yeah
Hallry1676 is logged into the chat
<Guest 34> You cannot use balls to wedge under bridges
<Guest 28> just for the coop bridge
<Guest 29> We found it somewhere yesterday
<DrTheta> It is entirely possible for a team within a match now to adversely affect the ranking score of an opponent for the benefit of a team not in the match
<Guest 29> "Fully supported"
<Guest 2> it says fully supported for the coop ramp
<Guest 28> that's the only one with the fully supported rule
Pastor Eli James is logged into the chat
<DrTheta> That was what I mean by collusion
<Pastor Eli James> VancouverWaTi.com is a Nimbuster PERP!! He made a full confession!
Pastor Eli James has left the chat
<LeviBackgammon> As in, no upward force is applied to the robot from anywhere not on the bridge?
<Guest 28> [G41] is what they're thinking of
<schreiaj> For those, don't go to that link
<JacobP79> There is
<Hallry1676> Yes there is
<LeviBackgammon> Why is this not an IRC channel
<LeviBackgammon> /mode +b
<stevend223> but will plywood ramp simulate polycarb well?
<LeviBackgammon> /kick
<Guest 28> steve - not a chance 
<JacobP79> We had some in NC and they looked pretty strong
<Hallry1676> It has sides though, doesn't it?
<Guest 21> they hard hard to push
<Guest 21> hard to alter
<Guest 21> so they will balance easy
<schreiaj> Levi, basically I can mute people
<pyeung45> is it feesible to fit 3 wide ones?
<LeviBackgammon> k
<Guest 21> yes
<schreiaj> but since the spammer last time was aguest I can't do crap to him
<Guest 21> exactly
<LeviBackgammon> Guy who saw the field, how strongly does the ramp return to center?
W Washington state is on the call
<Guest 19> That's promising.
<LeviBackgammon> Very?
<Guest 21> Very strongly.
<Guest 21> you have to keep force
<Guest 2> 2 batteries are only ~26 lbs
Guest 52 is logged into the chat
<LeviBackgammon> Well, 20lbs is a considerable portion of a robot's weights for balance purposes
<Guest 21> think if they were side by side
<Guest 21> 2 long thin robots can act as one long robo
<Guest 21> and robots can stack onto eachother
<LeviBackgammon> Having 3 robots would be awful.
<Guest 2> full robot is around 140 lbs, at max weight
<Guest 29> VERY informative about bridges: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AMaqqmoLgQ&list=UUHA7zyPRS3VPDvl4ehss-zw&index=3&feature=plcp
<pyeung45> 1501 in 2010
<Hallry1676> Can two robots be next to each other on the ramp, like right side-left side rather than one in front of the other?
<LeviBackgammon> Sure
<GCentola1126> But, knowing this, do you think teams will build smaller robots this year?
<Guest 21> no
<LeviBackgammon> If you can fit them.
<Guest 21> no
<LeviBackgammon> ?
<LeviBackgammon> Rule against it?
<Guest 17> will there be robots that stack other robots on top?
<Leeland1126> Ramps is 88 inches long. 3 robots at 28" thick, plus bumpers... that's scary...
<Guest 21> sorry levi
ipburbank is logged into the chat
<Guest 17> will some teams do it?
<SuperNerd256> link!
<Guest 29> LINK
<Guest 20> question on bumper rules: does anyone know what bumpers a circle robot needs?
<SuperNerd256> PLease give the link!
<Guest 28> LINK
<Guest 46> LINK por favor
Guest 39 has left the chat
<grimtuesday> is the chat still going?
<GCentola1126> similar to 148 in 2008. Small and purposeful, great asset
<Guest 21> Ok so this is an extreme sidebar but are 2056 and 1114 like sister teams?
<lawrence1503> It was sent via MMS
Guest 22 has left the chat
<Hallry1676> 148 in 2008 was crazy...
<LeviBackgammon> Chat's going strong.
<Guest 46> i believe 1114 helped start 2056
<LeviBackgammon> Link 29 posted is fantastic.
<LeviBackgammon> Thank you, sir.
<Guest 17> 20, do a nonagonal robot. they have a 100% chance of winning einstein
<lawrence1503> 1114 started 2056
<Guest 29> If you read Simon's email, you would've seen it Levi
<Guest 21> ohhh ok
<lawrence1503> A former 1114 student is the lead technical mentor on 2056
<Guest 21> cause 2056 is insane
W Washington state has hung up
stevend223 has left the chat
stevend223 is logged into the chat
Guest 53 is logged into the chat
<Guest 46> Guest 17 - lol
<Guest 21> oh geez
<grimtuesday> l
<LeviBackgammon> vid #4
<LeviBackgammon> yes
<Guest 21> omg poohbear?
<Guest 21> i remember that
<Guest 21> he was a genius
<pyeung45> no likes that guy
<schreiaj> Poohbear was amazing
<Guest 20> no. 148 in 2008
Guest 13 has left the chat
Guest 54 is logged into the chat
<stevend223> its not vital
<Guest 21> I wonder how that robot panned out?
<Guest 28> yeah, 40 pts vs 0 if you try 3
<Guest 19> Enjoyable pain in the butt.
<stevend223> but teams who can go over it will be a HUGE advantage
<Guest 21> Barrier will be driven over OFTEN
<pyeung45> brute force
<grimtuesday> l
<SuperNerd256> Teams who can go over quickly will be a great asset.
<grimtuesday> anyone elses chat keeps breaking?
Guest 53 has left the chat
<ipburbank> mine is fine
<Guest 28> fine
<stevend223> what is the bump? steel?
<pyeung45> is it important to change sides quickly?
<Guest 29> Steel
<LeviBackgammon> Bent steel
<ipburbank> it will be steel yes
<DrTheta> kit wheels work for climbing the bump?
<stevend223> thats what i assumed, thanks
<Guest 28> how much will you actually need to cross though?
<Guest 21> yeah
<ipburbank> 6" wheel might get a lot more traction going up the wood than the steel.
<smitsmcgee> Are pneumatic tires necessary for taking the Barrier at speed?
<pyeung45> i don't see a high need to cross over much
<SuperNerd256> Different grip meaning what? Easier to slide, or harder to get up on?
<Guest 23> What size wheels are you all using?
<pyeung45> 6"
<Guest 46> 8" pneumatic
<Guest 21> Average score prediction time
<Guest 23> 8" pneumatic look usable from andymark
<Guest 21> 12
<Guest 21> 12 point average
<Guest 46> we're looking at a diy 8" pneumatic, similar to Andymark's
<stevend223> jersey was beautiful yesterday
<Hallry1676> ^agreed
<ipburbank> I love 40-60 deg
<Guest 29> Sometimes snow days kill build time...
<GCentola1126> I keep wanting to say "bump" and "lane"
<Guest 5> not even snow in ontario right now. dissappoint
<Hallry1676> yes.
smitsmcgee has left the chat
<LeviBackgammon> How did we get to this?
<GCentola1126> cursed terminology from other years
<Guest 21> no
<stevend223> i'd say no, but it's a huge vital advantage
<Guest 21> of course
smitsmcgee is logged into the chat
<SuperNerd256> Kangasbapathy
<Guest 21> hahaha
<SuperNerd256> Did I spell it right?
<stevend223> he was talking about jim zondag right?
<schreiaj> Jon Jack 
<Guest 29> Link to that vid?
<schreiaj> It is MMS
<pyeung45> about 4"
pyeung45 has left the chat
Guest 55 is logged into the chat
<SuperNerd256> Can you PLEASE post the video? I need to leave soon.
<Guest 5> Supernerd: i think you missed two a's
<Guest 21> Tough
<schreiaj> what part of It is MMS do you not understand?
<Guest 37> the 'mms'
<SuperNerd256> Didn't see mms
<schreiaj> Multimedia Messaging System
<Leeland1126> How viable would arcing the ball be?
<Hallry1676> Will shotting in the top row be important?
<ipburbank> goes back to funnel
Guest 55 has left the chat
<Hallry1676> *shooting
<grimtuesday> no chat?
<SuperNerd256> What's the ball like when it bounces off the backboard? Will it fall into the basket?
Guest 56 is logged into the chat
<Guest 17> Teams will try for the 3 for offeason, to present their robot in a real hoop situation
<ipburbank> Our programmer is looking into using the IR light on the connect
Guest 40 has left the chat
Guest 44 has left the chat
Guest 57 is logged into the chat
<Guest 21> Grim, your too smart
<Guest 21> 
<Guest 17> For low level play, not completely true
<Hallry1676> So is the second row more important than third?
<Guest 21> Thats a pain
Guest 54 has left the chat
<stevend223> hallry, arguably, yes, it is
<Guest 17> For most teams, it's likely better scoring. For high level, no
<Hallry1676> Huh, interesting
Guest 58 is logged into the chat
<stevend223> because also, a missed ball there has potential of going into the 1, and in my opinion your chances of a missed shot going in the one, are much more..
<stevend223> likely than missing a top row shot(odds are your shot will be more powerful) and falling into the second
<Guest 23> Titanium's 2010 'catapult' was pretty effective
<Hallry1676> hmm, true
<Guest 29> Better flow
<Guest 29> Make it give it
<DrTheta> Titaniums was 09
<Guest 17> group analysis of endgame?
<DrTheta> They often used it as an empty cell mover
SuperNerd256 has left the chat
<smitsmcgee> I'm holding you to that.
<lawrence1503> past the key as in closer to you
<Guest 17> Stevend, that won't happen often
<ipburbank> quick question: evaluation of the new motors?
<Hallry1676> Will many keys drive to the key, sit there, and just shoot?
Guest 59 is logged into the chat
<stevend223> true, 17, but its still something to think about
Guest 59 has left the chat
<Hallry1676> *will many teams drive t othe key, sit there, and just shoot?
<schreiaj> Idk if we've had enough time to play with motors yet
<schreiaj> NO one's smoked motors
<stevend223> you'll see teams relying on the key for shot protection, IMO
Leeland1126 has left the chat
<Hallry1676> Isn't the key slick, though? Will it be easy to get in the same position on?
<GCentola1126> high level matches will be very fun to watch
<DrTheta> Like the game dislike coopertition's influence on seeding
Leeland1126 is logged into the chat
<ipburbank> are there any new useful motor power/weight/speed ratios?
<Guest 29> You may have to bake a lot of cookies
<stevend223> its the same material(HDPE) as the bridge
<GCentola1126> There are lots of strategies that seem like they could make it slow to watch
grimtuesday has left the chat
<Guest 49> they will keep the co-op aspect
Guest 60 is logged into the chat
<stevend223> limited balls might cause the game to feel slow at times
<Guest 23> how is it 15 balls at one time?
<GCentola1126> well at least FLR is week 2 so we can see the came first 
<GCentola1126> *game
<stevend223> 9 in robots, 6 by inbounders
<Guest 28> 3 per 3 bots, 2x per inbounder = 15
<smitsmcgee> Hahaha that could be good or bad... We'll see.
<Guest 23> oh wow, that's effective
<smitsmcgee> That was about FLR.
<DrTheta> Without the coopertition=qualification points it would be good
<GCentola1126> it has good and bad parts
<stevend223> but the 6 inbounder balls are only short time, ie. they need to be rid of quickly
<Guest 37> or 1 point for cooperition
<Guest 49> but 6 of them could have been scored on you putting you at a 18 point disadvantage
<Guest 37> .5 for attempted
<Guest 28> they can hold 6, they just need to take them out of the corral
Guest 61 is logged into the chat
<GCentola1126> just not 2010 ranking system!
<schreiaj> yea
<DrTheta> I am worried they might have to do the same this year
<Guest 21> can they change it
<Guest 21> or no
Guest 62 is logged into the chat
<Guest 2> i thought the 2010 ranking system was great once they added the 5pts for winning
Guest 19 has left the chat
grimtuesday is logged into the chat
<DrTheta> It was servicable
The recording has ended.
<Guest 21> can they possibly change their mind on the co-op tier by now?
<Guest 17> Can we type in questions and have them answered?
JacobP79 has left the chat
<thefro526> G17, thanks
<Guest 17> How would it change if the co-op effect on seeding is halved from what it is now
<Guest 29> I agree with Simon
<stevend223> also accuracy was less important
Leeland1126 has left the chat
<schreiaj> Different weighting or just push it to tier 2 would be best
<Guest 21> You could only shoot three balls.
<Guest 21> how is that game changing?
<stevend223> someone on my team said that too <__<
<Hallry1676> That's a good idea...
<Guest 29> Thank you to all!
<Guest 21> $@#$@#$@#$@#
<Guest 21> i am human player and left
<Guest 29> Like I said
<Guest 29> he's gonna have to bake a lot of coookies
<Guest 51> Full court shots are possible but only in last 30 seconds.
<smitsmcgee> How easy is it to bounce balls across the Barrier?
<Guest 29> But then other robots have to aim into the funnel
<stevend223> its just as hard as shooting a regular basketball
rtfgnow has hung up
<LeviBackgammon> Would be nice to have a ball to hold.
rtfgnow has left the chat
<Guest 21> its dumb
<Guest 21> 
<Guest 46> sell the Kinect for cash for the team? haha
<DrTheta> You could just plan a lag in the code
<Guest 29> AAWWWWWW
<stevend223> ^^an alumni had that idea haha
<Guest 29> I JUST Noticed that
<Guest 21> sell Kinect for pizza money? im in
<Guest 29> Last 30 second inbounder scoring is like scoring from half court in basketball
<smitsmcgee> not with 2 8in balls and a 18in hoop
<Guest 29> Half court?
thefro526 has hung up
Guest 21 has left the chat
<stevend223> ever shoot a basketball and get it stuck in the side of the rim? is that possible?
<Guest 51> two balls will definitely go thru the rim at one time physically
<smitsmcgee> We used them one year... never again.
Guest 63 is logged into the chat
Guest 63 has left the chat
<stevend223> no like, the back of the cirlce
<Guest 2> stuck between side of rim and backboard
<Hallry1676> I think he means lodged behind the rim and the backboard
<stevend223> its hard to describe in words
<stevend223> yes
<Guest 17> There's a photo on CD where it's stuck behind the hoop
<stevend223> 2 and hallry that's exactly what i mean
GCentola1126 has left the chat
<Guest 51> Yes it is possible to get the ball stuck on the rim on the back plate as well as between the rim and glass.
<Guest 28> like 2010
<Guest 29> noooo
<Guest 28> I saw the scoring sensors
<smitsmcgee> Nick are you going to FLR this year?
<Guest 29> Feel better!
<smitsmcgee> Yeah
<Guest 28> yeah
<Hallry1676> At least the balls won't be popping like the tubes did =P
<Guest 29> Why not?
<Guest 46> who said they'd be in PGH??
<Guest 29> I'd like to hear the reason
<smitsmcgee> Fair enough
<DrTheta> They will be getting chunks torn out instead
<smitsmcgee> And me!
<Hallry1676> Theta, true
<Guest 29> I've done it
<smitsmcgee> Haha yeah, no problem
<Guest 29> Nope
<Guest 29> doesn't count
<Guest 29> The ball counter is located in that rectangular thing
<Guest 46> huhhhhhhhhhhh haha
<Guest 29> I don't think so
<Guest 29> Yup
<Guest 29> Awww FLR's been great for us
<DrTheta> They'd still win
<Guest 29> So yeah, I actually want to hear why mecanums are so bad
<smitsmcgee> 29, what team are you from?
<Guest 29> 639, same as Simon
<Hallry1676> That's Code Red, right?
<smitsmcgee> code red right?
<Guest 29> Yup
<Hallry1676> Not good in pushing matches
<Guest 29> But is pushing that important this year?
<Guest 26> No wheels>Mec wheels
<Guest 29> hahahahha
<Guest 29> ..
<lawrence1503> G26 yes
<Guest 29> Use ALL the Mecanum
<Guest 26> 639 reppin here, I hate mec, treads all the way
<thefro526> I <3 Mecanum
<thefro526> Oh wait, I meant sammiches
<lawrence1503> The Fro, you are sick
Guest 56 has left the chat
<lawrence1503> go to bed to get your head straight
<DrTheta> but but sammiches
<lawrence1503> oh
<lawrence1503> sammiches
<Cyberphil> http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89737&highlight=mecanum+maneuvering
<lawrence1503> Dustin owes me a sammich
<Guest 29> about 15, we did the trig
Guest 37 has left the chat
<Guest 17> i have this idled
<Guest 26> TREADS<3
<Guest 17> wtf is going on
<ipburbank> simon - link to that slide of "crr drive progression"
<Guest 29> 
<thefro526> TheFro is one word, Canada
<lawrence1503> where did 526 come from
Hallry1676 has left the chat
<DrTheta> 4 wheel wide might not be terrible
<ipburbank> 4 wheel drive over the bump? that'll be good
<Guest 29> hahahahahaha
<Guest 29> TREAAADS
ayeckley has left the chat
Guest 64 is logged into the chat
<Guest 29> XD
<thefro526> 4WD wide might not be too bad
<thefro526> just not that awesome
<thefro526> but it depends on what you're trying to accomplish
<Guest 29> Crab + lazy susan = death of 639
<stevend223> nonadrive just looks really pretty
<ipburbank> Simon - in reference to your earlier statement: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=24104
<Guest 2> 703 did that
<ipburbank> those are our drive trains for the last few years (minus one or two)
<Guest 29> treads, treads, use ALL the treads
<Guest 29> 4 wheel drive was bashed too
<Guest 26> Simon! stop bashing treads...
Guest 65 is logged into the chat
<Guest 29> ...
<ipburbank> who is me?
<ipburbank> (user name)
<Guest 65> Yo
<smitsmcgee> I'll text you if i remember to
Guest 66 is logged into the chat
<Guest 29> Wait, didn't thunder chickens use 2 different drives for Breakaway?
<Guest 65> I thought they did
<lawrence1503> Just message me on FB. Nick Lawrence
Guest 66 has left the chat
<Guest 2> they did
<Guest 29> Use ALL the treads
<Guest 65> Hi Simon
<Guest 65> and IStvan
<Guest 28> any suggestions for a better camera?
<smitsmcgee> 2009
<smitsmcgee> lol
ayeckley is logged into the chat
<Guest 28> treds in 09 would win
<ipburbank> this year treads would be good w/o key
Guest 67 is logged into the chat
<Guest 41> if i can, how can you shoot accurately? the reflector tape such
Guest 68 is logged into the chat
<DrTheta> Floor loading is going to be big this year
<Guest 29> I can guess the story now...
<Guest 29> Solution? RIP OFF THE CAMERA
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<Guest 29> It's literally what we did
<Guest 26> Simon, why did our treads never break?
Guest 69 is logged into the chat
<smitsmcgee> The wheels were at least 10"
<Guest 29> What are you talking about, the duck's treads are DEADER than dead
Guest 28 has left the chat
Guest 65 is on the call
Guest 70 is logged into the chat
<Guest 20> Does anyone know about the bumpers on a circle robot? Do you have vertices?
<smitsmcgee> didnt they go 8 wheels for breakaway?
<Guest 65> Zev
<Guest 65> 
<Guest 17> /r/frc
<ipburbank> we can't year you Z?
<Guest 65> HAHA
spacegy4 is logged into the chat
<Guest 17> guest, i have a solution
<Guest 29> Hey be nice
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<Guest 17> 20
spacegy4 is logged into the chat
<ipburbank> zev is the man
<Guest 29> So many 639 members..
<Guest 17> make a nonagonal frame. they have a 100% championship win record
<spacegy4> hello peeps. more 639 
<DrTheta> Articulated Ball Drive for the win
<Guest 17> or make an octagonal frame, direct CIM-driven, out of solid 7071 aluminum
<Guest 5> i am telling 781 to listen in
<stevend223> i heard that one
<DrTheta> Decagonal Wheels
<Guest 2> that was awesome
<Guest 29> It's Zev!
<Guest 65> 
<Guest 46> guest 17 - thats what we're doing
<Guest 65> Who's 29?
<Guest 46> haha
<Guest 2> ive listened to all of the casts with zondag
<stevend223> one thing of complaint-for MAR, i dont believe they've announced the ranking system
<Guest 20> yeah you answered that before about the nonagon. Does anyone have the actual answer though.
<Guest 29> Go 639
<spacegy4> hi its Andrew S
<Guest 65> Hey Andrew!
<Guest 65> It's Zev
<smitsmcgee> It's almost all NY
<DrTheta> Minnesota is ranking teams this year for their offseason state championship, I need to look at their ranking system
<Guest 2> dr theta, are you going to duluth?
<ipburbank> ssshhh
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<DrTheta> 10k lakes
Guest 71 is logged into the chat
<Guest 2> what team? im from 1714
<DrTheta> 2232
jwfoss has hung up
<Guest 29> Alright I'm out, thanks for the cast to all
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<Guest 2> i think i remember you guys from breakaway
<Guest 29> -Joon
<Guest 2> you had like a semi circle top right?
Guest 65 has hung up
<schreiaj> https://trello.com/board/ewcpcasts/4ea3567c5191a4de46010186
<DrTheta> We played you in the Quarterfinals last year with C.O.R.E too
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<Guest 17> Theta, an email sent out last year that's copying michigan for an idea
<Guest 17> not the final method, but awards were downplayed
<Guest 2> oh your right, those were fun matches
<Guest 17> 3633 from albert lea here
<Guest 17> north star
<DrTheta> Thanks
<DrTheta> One less thing to look for
<Guest 17> e.g. 10 for robot awards, 5 for animation/non robot awards, 15 for RAS/EI/RCA
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<stevend223> i feel like that's out of place for being done at championship
<stevend223> like, there's so much other stuff to do at champs
<Guest 60> video is always nice
<Guest 17> I think video if someone is pulling up related images would be good
<DrTheta> I'll have to take a look in at superior this year if I get the chance. It's going to be pretty deep
<Guest 17> just staring at someone's webcam would be boring and a waste of bandwidth
<stevend223> well actually, in the sense of a conference like they have at championships, as a conference discussing collaboration, that's not a bad idea
<Guest 2> yeah, we have a whole wi group coming up
<Guest 17> not all of us can watch that without lag
<Guest 67> I'm with 17
<Guest 5> I like video, but bandwidth limits 
<DrTheta> Webcam only if you show us your robots, jk
<stevend223> maybe adding images into your cast
<ipburbank> I think it would be nice keep track of who is who
<stevend223> yeah, graphics would be nice
<LeviBackgammon> Be able to pop up relevant images
<stevend223> maybe a live smartboard esque thing, sorta like a powerpoint presentation
<LeviBackgammon> Why not just use chat for that?
<LeviBackgammon> Link, etc
<Guest 17> dn't throw them up occasionally, throw them up always
<smitsmcgee> Kinda like the ESPN show Around the Horn
<spacegy4> it would be better than just throwing up links in chat
<Guest 17> type up notes on a cloud-based notepad and post it
<LeviBackgammon> If you want readable diagrams you won't have video small enough to stream smooth
<Guest 17> during the show
<LeviBackgammon> What 17 said.
<ipburbank> I like the way TWiT does it
<Guest 17> e.g. link to diagram mentioned at 20:14 www.imgur.com/12345
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<Guest 17> paste that in notes
<Guest 17> when done, attach
Guest 67 has left the chat
<stevend223> i think its 39 people just mentioning it
<ipburbank> when is "now" tho?
<stevend223> 24 hours? since last post?
schreiaj has hung up
<stevend223> just type up powerpoint presentation-esque notes during the cast
<schreiaj> Sorry phone died brb
<Guest 17> Doubt it
<Guest 17> In the video they posted...
<Guest 17> they were noticeably taking several shots
<Guest 17> They had to TRY to miss and get it in on the bounce
<Guest 17> This won't be common
<Guest 2> our mentor didnt want to take the ball out of the bag, and kept bouncing it in the bag showing how it wont bounce
<stevend223> they're about an inch bigger than 2006
<Guest 2> i had to convince him to try bouncing it out of the bag
<schreiaj> absolutely
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<smitsmcgee> Once the exterior is punctured the properties change a lot.
<Guest 26> Elevation!
S Cent. New York has hung up
schreiaj is on the call
<Guest 17> byes
<spacegy4> yup. high schoolers have school tomorrow
<stevend223> byea ll
Cyberphil has hung up
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<spacegy4> looking forward to the next one
<LeviBackgammon> Thanks for the cast, guys.
<Guest 51> thanks for the show. great info as usual
<smitsmcgee> Yeah thanks guys
<stevend223> can't wait for next week's cast, these will be nice
<spacegy4> thanks for the cast even though I only caught the end
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<DrTheta> thanks guys
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<spacegy4> I'd have to install itunes.
<Guest 41> hey if i can ask how would one shoot the ball into the hoop accurately with out the gaffer tape?
<schreiaj> http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=98466&cmd=tc
Guest 72 has left the chat
<spacegy4> thanks guys. I'll give it a listen
<Guest 17> Question: will there be an audio only option?
<Guest 5> +1
<spacegy4> video would be a good way to show pics without having to post links in chat
Guest 4 has left the chat
<spacegy4> there are good ways to stream video. justin.tv works quite well
<Guest 51> muiti point video can be very distracting
Guest 65 has left the chat
<spacegy4> yeah. that can.
Guest 73 is logged into the chat
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<spacegy4> lol. Treads ftw :P
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<smitsmcgee> id follow you
<Guest 51> Yes i think Twitter would be great.
<schreiaj> @ewcpcast
<Guest 51> Twitter is probably the best tool for developing a personal learning network out there.
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<Guest 69> Guest 51 - definitely, been able to do cool stuff through twitter
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<spacegy4> cya guys. thanks

Thanks for letting me on, and on behalf of my team, thanks for the cast! Was very informative. We are rethinking both the barrier and the coopertition bridge right now.

Is 254’s slam dunk vid posted?

Disappointed other work kept me from the cast. I love being there to listen to the live shenanigans/on-topic discussion.

Thanks for the service you provide.