[EWCP] EWCPCast: Chairman's Chat

Time: Tuesday (5/17) 8 PM EST (Tentative)
Hosted via Talkshoe - We are hoping to do more listener interaction with questions and chat.

People on the cast:
Glenn - 359 - 2011 Championship Chairman’s Winner
Jared - 341 - 2010 Championship Chairman’s Winner
Santosh Reddy - 2415 - Santosh has been involved with the winning of 4 RCA’s
Chris Picone - 2791
Dustin Benedict - 816
James Tonthat - 1477
Nick Lawrence - 1503
Richard Sisk

Discussion Topics:
Quick Explaination of the RCA/CCA/EI
Road to 359’s CCA by Glenn
Road to 341’s CCA by Jared
RCA tips and tricks: Glenn, Jared, Santosh
Discussion of the future of the RCA and CCA
…and usual off topic banner.

We’ll try to keep it to an hour - an hour and a half.

Post any questions or comments you might have.

Sorry for the confusion, but it’s actually called RoBroCast. :wink:

How do we access the RoBroCast (webcast nonetheless)?

Is it scheduled for March 17 or May 17?

Thanks for putting this together!

May 17 :]

Sorry, James has been busy studying lately. Everyday feels the same during finals :stuck_out_tongue:

When we have a direct link to the cast we’ll post it in this thread. You can also like the EWCPcast Facebook page since it’s updated a bit faster and more frequently than threads on CD.

Congratulations to EWCP and their podcast. Can’t wait to hear the story behind a couple of great Hall Of Fame teams. Big tip of the hat to Glenn and Jared for taking part.

Will the recording be available later? We have our team banquet tomorrow night at this time.

If we don’t mess up the recording and the cast doesn’t need a huge amount of editing then it should be available for download within 24hrs.

I think that an important topic to cover is the most fundamental question of all.
Why do a Chairman’s Award submission in the first place?
Why is it beneficial to your team, even if you don’t win?

These are fundamental questions to ask and answer because the vast majority of teams don’t win the Chairman’s Award.

Just a few thoughts that you should add into your discussion.

I’ve got a 6 hour layover in Chicago the day after with nothing to do. Trust me, it’ll be done.

Awesome thanks guys. I know the feeling with just having completed finals.

I was just making sure the correct date was out there.

See you tomorrow!

Awesome!!! Looking forward to listening to this!

AHHHG! Attending a mentor’s community band concert! Missing the RoBroCast AGAIN! D:

There is no doubt in my mind that these will be some of my bigger talking points. This will be a fun line to walk…

I’m looking to talk about chairman’s activities that also benefit your team, so that you can work on “both” parts of the team concurrently.

Cast will be live tonight at 8PM EST, we hope you can listen in!


Chat is going on right now live! with Glenn from 359 and Jared from 341. :slight_smile:

That was fun guys, thanks for having me! Hopefully somebody finds it useful.

The Recording is Now Up on our TalkShoe Page! (It’s episode 3)

Thanks again everyone!