[EWCP] RoBroCast: Post Championship Edition.

Thanks to guest Richard Sisk and Nick Lawrence for participating. As usual, please leave us feedback and any other opinions. Future topic suggestions are also welcome.


Have a listen and enjoy!

Now that CMP is done, analysis of off season events would be welcome.

Maybe some team sustainability talk, how do teams wrap up the year, what is everyone doing to raise the bar from this year.

You’ll probably need some additional guests to get some in-depth analysis of the team stuff. Maybe go into how 359 made it to the HOF. What a cool topic that would be.

I would love to participate and talk about our road to the CMP Chairman’s Award.
I think its safe to say that unlike many of the previous Hall of Fame winners, our journey is quite different (or most similar to that of 842). As I look at the list of previous winners, I cant help but still be amazed that FIRST put us in the same company with such great teams.
In a way, a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. And we are very excited in focusing our efforts with a new and revised program to improve robot building and outreach WEST of Hawaii.

Glenn, I believe I speak for the rest of EWCP when I say we would be honored to have you guys share your story with us.

Just let me know…after Mother’s Day.

I owe my wife Dinner for being gone…like almost all of 2011 so far.

What Andrew said.

Definitely! We’ll be in touch sometime soon, Glenn. Thanks for the offer.

I may be blind but where is the link to the cast all I see is the facebook page with no podcast on it.

The Cast should be able to be played directly from Facebook assuming that your Flash is updated to the correct version. Just press the play button and you should be good to go.

If that doesn’t work, here’s a direct link: http://schreiaj.com/Brocast/2011_Championship_Wrap_Up_Edited.mp3

Thanks, I see that I was looking at the wrong page within FB.
Is there a downloadable version. I’m getting a need quicktime pro error when I try to save it.

If you follow the direct link you should be able to right click --> save target as

Or even right click the link I posted above and save as. Should work as well.

Had to use IE to download for some reason I couldn’t with Firefox.
Thanks for the help.

The fire extinguisher was for one of our minibots. The battery was physically damaged and shorted because of it so Aiden ran and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put it out. Our pit crew was busy trying to replace the gas spring on our arm that broke loose in Einstein Semi-Finals 2-2, so they didn’t notice the smoke coming out while they were working.

BTW We were already in the process of swapping out Garfield for Snowball I, 2 of our mini-bots/bobkittens, for that match because we smelled something was wrong with it in the backstage pit between matches.

Also 781 worked fine backstage between matches tethered up, we had no reason to believe they wouldn’t work in the second finals match. The option to pull them was discussed but given that we were in a similar situation last year and HOT and Beach City gave us the benefit of the doubt and let us play in Final 1-2 so we could win together, our alliance did the same for 781.

Ha, thank you! I knew I was not hallucinating :smiley:

Next week is better for me, as we have a Statewide luncheon tomorrow in Waikiki, and our biggest fundraiser event at Dole Plantation on Thursday. We have about 400 guests again who bought tickets/sponsorship tables at our annual event.

Fun fact about the substitution on Einstein: I was thinking out loud in the stands that they should make the sub cause getting a team as powerful as 330 was their best chance at beating the amazingly stacked winning alliance. One of our alumni happened to have a certain mentor from 2016’s phone number because of some facebook tool and decided to call him and give him my advice. The mentor picked up and answered “not now” and the alumni yelled back “check your txts” which had the advice in them. I was super worried that the 2016 mentor would take this the wrong way and have hate for 694 but he, when we ran into him later, just laughed it off and explained that 2016 felt their deployment was too slow and they needed 781 for minibot and considering 177 was having issues at the same time, they decided to hang onto their coupon and I personally think that was absolutely the right decision. The funny thing is that it looks like the alliance wasn’t willing to take a risk when the risk could be their only shot at winning because they needed to get a team like 330 but the truth was they took a chance on 781 knowing that them sending up their minibot was their shot at winning the match.

Also I too had just a few issues with the refereeing on Galileo and I might have been the one, in my frustration with the refs, that started the crazy chanting about the penalty in the finals on Galileo.

That works better for me as I have finals all week and the first part of next. Feel free to send me a PM or email if you want to iron out some details.

Since everyone is so interested, I will tell my perspective of what happen on Einstein while coaching 2016:

During Semi-final 2-2, 177 lost a gas shock off their arm making them unable to get tubes from the floor. They rushed the robot off of the field and made some quick repairs in the dark. They got their robot back onto the field with seconds left. Our plan was to have 781 deploy their mini-bot because we felt that we had no chance of getting 2nd or 3rd in the mini-bot race against the opposing alliance; so while 781 was deploying, we could keep scoring tubes, while still getting 4th in the mini-bot race. At the start of the match 781 died during auto-mode and 177 had some lesser troubles due to the gas shock issue in the last match. We kept the score close as we could, but without defense to slow 254 or 111 down we had no chance.

After that match, 177 made a few more tweaks to get their bot back up to 100%, while 781 took their bot off the field to do a systems check. During this time 177’s mini-bot started smoking (which got the field crew to get out the fire extinguisher). Luckily, 177 has a small army of spare mini-bots. 781 checked their bot over and found no issues, they brought the bot back onto the field and tethered up to show that everything was working fine. We quickly checked with 781 and they felt everything was good, so we did not call a backup.

A lot of people say we should have called a backup. Here is my take on it. 781 died due to an issue which is still unknown, they proved their robot was working after that match. A backup is to be called when a robot is completely out of the running and can not play. 781 believed their robot was fine and ready to compete. As an alliance captain, we respect everyone equally, if 781 says they are fine, as alliance captain, I am not going to call them out for what might have been a fluke. Everyone keeps taking about how 330 or 2054 are better robots than 781 (perhaps giving us an advantage over 111 and 254), but that is not the point of a backup. We were an alliance that had played together - and we wanted to keep it that way. We believed in 781. Their play and good judgment helped us to Einstein. The entire alliance felt that they would function in the 2nd finals match. We’d make the same decision again given the circumstances.

As a note to Seth from 694, I could not hear a thing down on the field on my phone. I did read your text, but we had already decided to let 781 run. As an aside fact – the backup bot from Archimedes would have been picked at random from the finalist.

Anyway, I am planning on posting a thank you thread sometime this week. I been busy over the last week so I was unable to.

Thanks for the explanation Tyler. I don’t think most of the members of the cast were questioning your judgment on the issue. It made sense that you would want to continue with 781.

Also, sorry for not posting to the direct link, I forget that not everyone has been sucked into the mindless world of facebook just yet.:stuck_out_tongue: