[EWCP] RoBroCast: Post Championship Edition.

Tyler, Peter, in retrospect, we may have come across as overly critical of 2016, 177 and 781, and if we did I do apologize. We were just speculating on what had happened, and since many of us were hoping that 2016 (half of EWCP are 2016 fans) would take it all, and we were disappointed to see what happened with 781.

Its fine Dustin, you guys were fine. I just wanted to clear some of the confusion up.

Btw, any chance I can rejoin up with you guys for the off-season?

Only if you promise to build my robot next year. :wink:

I thought we were starting our own team? :wink:

I understand what you were trying to do. We were trying to clear up the facts about what happened because there has been a lot of speculation.

On a lighter note we wanted to know who else witnessed the comedy of the head ref grabbing a fire extinguisher on Einstein and were glad to hear someone else saw it.