EWCPCast #48 - Talking To Judges 01/27/2013

Tonights EWCPCast was hosted by myself and Renee Becker, guest were Carolyn Beyer and Dona Sisk.

Topics that were covered

  • When, where, and how to interact with judges
  • Preparing for the pit interview
  • Preparing for the RCA Judges interview
  • 2013 Award Changes

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<schreiaj> Looks like chat is working this time
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<EvanHochstein> Yay chat!
<MrBydlon> Haha
<MrBydlon> Long time no see
<LadyLogistics> Call in now 
<schreiaj> sweet
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<MrBydlon> I was so confused for a second
<MrBydlon> hahaha
<MrBydlon> I did!
<EvanHochstein> I advertised it to both of my teams!
<MrBydlon> her PIN or the call pin?
<EvanHochstein> These calls are awesome keep them up!
<MrBydlon> my personal pin wouldn't work until I did "auto login"
<MrBydlon> then it recognized me
<EvanHochstein> I had to do the same thing
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<EvanHochstein> CAD is amazing
<MrBydlon> O.o
<EvanHochstein> 3081 has money in three accounts. We recently became a 501(c)3 and well... It is a little crazy!
<MrBydlon> That sounds intense
<EvanHochstein> I hear it is - thankfully that is not something I have to deal with.
<MrBydlon> One of my team's goals for this offseason is to come up with a better way to track and do our budgeting
<EvanHochstein> That is our goal
<EvanHochstein> If we continue to go through the school district it takes them about 1 month to tell us how much money we have
<MrBydlon> Yikes
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<MrBydlon> Mine are really good about getting back within a day. It's Purchase Orders that are tough. Take at least 3 days to approve. Then parts ship.
<EvanHochstein> Trying to get some volunteers from Dunwoody. Keep your fingers crossed!
<MrBydlon> Nice!
<EvanHochstein> Bloomington is generally pretty good at purchase orders they go out the day of, the problem is mostly we don't know if we have enough money in that
<EvanHochstein> account for it.
<MrBydlon> right
<MrBydlon> makes sense
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<Guest 4> How important is the Engineering Notebook?
<schreiaj> Engineering notebook is an FTC device. It doesnt hurt to have one, especially in regard to the design awards
<MrBydlon> We did that last year as well. One piece of paper with robot "facts" and one with outreach "facts" 1-2 pictures on each one
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<MrBydlon> Is this a Google Doc? Can it be shared? That was super fast... haha.
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<schreiaj> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NcDCHo8y0_ZpnIdJPCPZdpoDLG6oU4JhthSv0hgDZeM/edit
<MrBydlon> It's ok but I meant more the practice Chairmans questions. No big deal.
<DavidCarr3309> I'm going to re-listen later and write them down, she had some good ones.
<EvanHochstein> 1 this year at 10k lakes!
<MrBydlon> First one is coming to 10000 Lkaes this year
<MrBydlon> yup
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<MrBydlon> So I shouldn't give them a pet animal? Wondering for a friend...
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<schreiaj> ha, good one.
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<MrBydlon> That is a great idea
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<LadyLogistics> Awards Manual: http://frc-manual.usfirst.org/viewItem/2#6
<LadyLogistics> https://docs.google.com/a/umn.edu/document/d/1yupfxmw5GNf-ptnw1VBtN7mSR4AcTfUi2pdIoRWJoYY/edit- Last page- 2012 Judges Feedback form
<EvanHochstein> Judges ask me questions all the time... I look too much like a student D:
<EvanHochstein> (when I shave)
<DavidCarr3309> Nametags that state the students' position on team, or if they are a Mentor - good idea?
<EvanHochstein> I am pushing for sponsor-provided lanyards on one of my teams. It would be a great idea to add the position!
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<LadyLogistics> Are there any safety concerns for lanyards?
<EvanHochstein> You have a point - usually the students in the pit take the lanyards off because they are in the way of fixing the robot. It was not required though.
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<EvanHochstein> If we get them, I'll speak with the pit mentor about safety of wearing those lanyards.
<Guest 5> I've seen some teams that actually just get their position on their team shirts. Tends to avoid the problems with lanyards/nametags getting in the way
<DavidCarr3309> Neat idea too.
<Guest 4> What are everyone's views on the Media Award?
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<schreiaj> Deadlines for submissions are NOON EASTER TIME!
<schreiaj> Not easter, eastern ;>
<schreiaj> Do yourself a favor.... submit early. Don't tempt fate or the deadline
<schreiaj> Dont count on them giving you a second chance
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<Guest 5> I do have a question, for the end of the call (It's not on the topic of awards). How does one volunteer for help at regionals?
<schreiaj> OK, will get that in
<DavidCarr3309> @Guest 5: register at https://my.usfirst.org/vims/
<EvanHochstein> You can register here https://my.usfirst.org/FIRSTPortal/Login/VIMS_Login.aspx
<schreiaj> Or talk to Regional Director, FIRST Senior Mentor or anyone on a planning committee. But definitely sign up in VIMS!
<Guest 5> Alright, thanks. Is it possible to do so in a specific field? For example, I have 2 year in networking. So obviously, might be more help there.
<EvanHochstein> Listing of roles are found here http://www.usfirst.org/community/volunteers/volunteer-event-positions
<EvanHochstein> You should contact your volunteer coordinator and ask where they need the most help.
<Guest 5> I definitely understand. I have a few friends that may want to help as well. Is it an 18+ situation?
<Guest 5> I'm a 17 year old. But I do have my degree. SO it's always awkward knowing what I can and can't do.
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<DavidCarr3309> Thanks very much. Some GREAT advice.
<EvanHochstein> I took a bunch of notes thank you!
<avanboekel> do you mind sharing them?
<LadyLogistics> https://docs.google.com/a/umn.edu/document/d/1yupfxmw5GNf-ptnw1VBtN7mSR4AcTfUi2pdIoRWJoYY/edit
<LadyLogistics> http://www.assistingcreativeenergy.com/blog.html
<avanboekel> awesome, thanks!
<DavidCarr3309> Seems okay since it's a Sunday. I was on today, some good answers to that question.
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<EvanHochstein> Best rule ever.
<EvanHochstein> I agree with Renee here.
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<EvanHochstein> Saturday Roundtables help with that!
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<EvanHochstein> Next time I have the opportunity to go to champs I'll stop by for a pair!
<EvanHochstein> Best meetings ever. Just saying.
<EvanHochstein> It amazes me that Minnesota has so few teams dropping out. Our sustainability is dumbfounding.
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<EvanHochstein> Thanks for all of the info!
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