EX18-12 Batteries in KOP

We checked our batteries last night and we received two EX18-12 batteries. Since the rules specify the ES18-12, this could be a problem.

Did anyone else receive these batteries?

I believe this is the same controversy as last year. The EX and ES were functional equivalents last year.

Look at the picture of the battery that FIRST posted: http://www2.usfirst.org/2005comp/photos/KOP_Photos/BLACK%20CONTAINER%20ITEM%201/Exide%20Battery.jpg

and the official answer:

Q: We received two EX18-12 batteries in the KOP. Can we exchange these or will they be allowed?
A: They are the correct battery as is the ES18-12.

I posted here right after I posted the above question on Q&A. FIRST did a great job responding quickly!