EXAM Week! What Should I Do?

Does anyone else have the horrible problem that we are encountering???
High School exams and the first week of FIRST are the same week.
I feel like crying. Sleep deprivation has come early.
Help me out!!!

Do I study AP Chem or design our bot?

We have that, but rather than it being our first week, its our second week. we have decided that the people with exams the next day do not have to show up for the meetings the night before and the seniors do not have to show up the night before or the one before that from the day of their exam.

we get this every year. Our exams start friday ! ahhhhh

Yeah. This really isn’t cool. Its Sunday night, I’m behind on all of my studying, and I’m surfing CD. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

i’m just gonna study durin classes and at nite when we rnt buildin or designin and stuff, and anyway, if u agree or not, exams are more important

depends on if you are into college or not yet. GO EARLY DECISION. actually, I wills study so that they cant recind my offer of admission

I’d say study for your exams…if you fail a class, you’ll be kicked off of robotics. At least, that’s how our team is. Our finals were the last 2 days before Christmas break so we all missed it but I can assure you, the sleep deprevation is already here, for me.

My school has that same thing. I have two exams each day wen.-fri. The answer is just stop sleeping, and drink alot of pop. then crash all day sat.

heh, i have midterms along with the fact that all of my teachers want some sort of large project turned in before the rapidly-approaching end of the report card period. Plus I have a job, and a girlfriend. So to answer your question- multitask! :yikes:

Come on Bill, Don’t leave the designing a bot just to me and Ben. Get crackin! :smiley:

School first.
Robots second.

AP Chem all the way. You’ll be thanking yourself for getting good grades in it when you get to be as old as me :slight_smile:

Your team should understand, especially your faculty members. Force yourself to think about design only a half hour before the meeting and then stay the whole meeting or sit down and think about it for an hour, tell your ideas to a mentor, and skip the meeting.

And, it’s all about the tricks of the trade: I used to study during build season by promising that if I study for a solid hour, I could give myself 15 min to check CD, grab a drink, etc. Sometimes I followed it, sometimes I didn’t…but I was always happier the times that I did stick to it.

Or groupstudy! When I was in HS class would let out at 2:05 and the meetings didn’t start until 4…so the students would help eachother study or do homework until the meeting began.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I know for our team, we just take exam review days off, and then for the turn around days where only teachers are in the school we’re right back at it. Because we are a Canadian team, exams fall in week three of the competition.

Good luck everyone on the studiing, and the design/building.

Our team has a saying:

“Grades first, FIRST second.”

It’s Über important to get your work and studies done first. That’s more important then any robot. We have exams next week too and Mr. Clarke is focusing on getting our school work done over robot.

School needs to become before FIRST. Grades do not need to suffer because you are too involved into the build season this year. That is how my team feels at least. Study. During our ‘union breaks’ we do our homework, study, and all that. Our mentors understand this.

I know you want to spend all your time outside of school doing robotics. This can be possible though and still keep your grades up. Time management is the key. That may mean giving up your lunch period do to homework or your mornings before school doing that too.

Good. I’m not alone. I have a major lack of time with midterms and FIRST.

My midterms fall during the third week of the build, fortuanely we going in till like 11 on those days to jsut take the exams and then meetings dont start until mid-late afternoon… so I luck out there :smiley:

School always ideally, comes before FIRST. Sometimes, when you are in a real time crunch, like right before the shipping date, school gets sacrificed a little bit. I have the same problem… I’m planning on studying most days, but putting in about 10 hours in two days on Wednesday and Thursday. I wish our schools were smart enough to have finals BEFORE break, or else FIRST should make kickoff one week later. No break is better than overlapping things.
Good luck with everything…

Chuckle Exam week actually gives me MORE time for robotics, since we get off if we don’t have exams, and 639 works 8 hours a day for the whole week. If I don’t have an exam (and I only know of one so far), I work on the robot. Hahaha, us dirty Sophmores. Not the lowest on the totem pole anymore, but with about the same workload. But, I do agree on the point about school before FIRST. I mean, FIRST might look good on a college application, but they look at GPA first. And our team has the same policy on grades: You fail, you’re out.

Our exams started last wed. and we have our last ones tomorrow. We met to watch the kickoff, bu the teachers decided to cancel the meeting that we usually have the day after kickoff to brainstorm. I’m getting antsy wainting for our next meeting on wed.