Examples for running motors/victors outside of a RobotDrive object?

Hello all!

I was wondering if any of you could show some examples of multiple motors running.

An example of what I am looking for could be that there are 4 motors – left, right, launcher, and loader.

When initializing the RobotDrive object that controls the drive base, I understand that would be done like:
drive = new RobotDrive(left, right);

How would you control the launcher and loader speed controllers? My experience with victorName.set(double speed) is that it doesn’t work.

I think that seeing even a basic example would give me the clarification I need to be able to complete my teams bot, so any help is appreciated.

Thanks again for your help!

under your public class you should have,

Victor motor1, motor2, motor3; #and so on

In your robot init you should have,

motor1 = new Victor(1); #1 is PWM Channel
motor2 = new Victor(2);
motor3 = new Victor(3);

In your teleop code


It ended up being a problem on the digital sidecar caused by metal shavings inside. We cleared up the problem.

Thanks for the help, though.