Examples of Robot Rebuilds

What are some examples of robot rebuilds either for off-season or during the season that you know of? Looking for pictures and links!



6328 showed up to Battlecry this year with a brand new robot and we picked them and won together.


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First portion outlines our “rebuild” (depends on what you define a rebuild as, this took everything outside the elevator/chassis and redid it which was basically half our bot so it counts i think?)


I don’t know if you’re looking for specifically 2019 rebuilds, but the Behind the Design on 558 in 2017 is a great read. When they found that they weren’t happy with their initial design, they somehow built an almost entirely new robot - all the while staying within the rules.


Looking for any year so this works great! Keep 'em comming :slight_smile:

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In 2018, with my team (5553 - Robo’Lyon from France) we almost completely rebuilt our robot.

In fact, at the week 1 Montreal regional, our first elevator robot didn’t move at all. But, thanks to the engineering inspiration award, we’ve been qualified for Detroit championship. So, when we came back in France, we decided to rebuild a totally new robot. We agreed to only keep the drivetrain, remove the elevator and build a 180° pivot that we would take and mount right on our comp robot in Detroit.

So, this is our first robot, Archimede :

And Scorpion, his little brother :
(yes, we even changed his name)


In 2016 we rebuilt most of our robot at MSC to improve ball acquisition and be able to travel under the low bar. The end result wasn’t super different from the original (only the intake was actually new), but because we had to move the controls into the belly (a 24" x 24" robot didn’t leave a lot of options) nearly everything else had to come out. Since it was coming out anyway we also rebuilt the gearboxes and installed new motors and shored up the catapult while controls and the intake were getting newly installed.

More Pictures

After three years of teal and white it’s weird looking at our tricolor scheme robots.


2502 in 2015 changed out their drivetrain, elevator winch, intake, stacking mechanism, ramp, and can stabilizer between events. They went from being the 10th pick at their first event to the 1st pick and winners at their 2nd. They had the 3rd largest OPR jump between events (254 and 195 being the others) for 2015. Will attach images when I get access to my desktop later.

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3946 did a massive overhaul/rebuild in 2018. The original full-size robot ran only at Bayou, where it ranked right at the median thanks to some good alliance draws, and was the lowest robot at the event in vault points. Most of the time, the robot was only fit to play defense, and sometimes not that.
The rebuild robot combined the cube intakes and front/rear plates of the practice 2018 robot, the drive train of the practice 2017 robot, and a new pneumatic arm lift. It wound up seeding 3rd (and placing 3rd) at Beach Bot Battle, and being the first pick of the 6 alliance and coming in 2nd at Red Stick Rumble. It ranked highest in vault points at both events (285 in 7 matches and 255 in 6 matches, leaving only 9 empty vault slots in 13 qual matches).

I wouldn’t call that a rebuild. That was just a new robot. To me, a rebuild is taking the current robot down to some minimal capacity and then building it up again with a new and improved design.

My vote would be for 2220 back in 2013. I saw them at 4 events that year (2 regionals, champs, and states) and their robot looked completely different each time. They were tall, they were short, they had different shooter designs. They made maximum use of the withholding at every event!

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I remember that Team 47, Chief Delphi, built a last robot for IRI in 2009 out of parts and materials they had left over from the previous years.


Code Orange members/mentors give a great presentation at Beach Blitz called “Built the Wrong Bot, Now What?”. It has a lot of detailed case studies from one of the best teams in the world and their iterative process.

Maybe @saikiranra or someone on Code Orange can share a video from a past presentation.


2168 and 558 have been known for rebuilds in the past. @Justin_Foss

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2655 had a major re-build between their first and second events back in 2018. Here is their season recap where you can see the change.

Now this is a cool piece of history I didn’t previously know.

I’ll try to dig it up.

In 2017 we rebuilt our entire robot, save the drive base. Our original concept involved a feeder only gear mech, 2 turrets, a giant intake, and a hopper that was undersized and underpowered.


We never could get this to work, so half way through competition season, we designed a floor gear mech, took a turret off, and added a PWNAGE style hopper.


It was a rough season and by far was one of our least competitive ones. We did learn a lot, especially about vision processing with the Jetson, what not to do with turrets, and to never ignore game piece handoffs. If anyone has any questions or wants to see more about the rebuild, I can link a ton of photos and videos.


Bonus: a bunch of videos of our season pre-rebuild