Excel Scoring Spreadsheet

Since all the scoring seems to be automated (with the exception of robots on the ramp), does anyone want to see a scoring spreadsheet from me? I’d be glad to make one, but with the automated scoring, would it be worth it?

Go for it! Scouts like me can’t get their dirty little hands on this kind of stuff soon enough :wink: Thanks for offering to do it!

Could you PM me when you’ve finished it? Thanks!

it will be posted in the white papers upon completion, i’ll be sure to make a note of my submitting it here…

yes that would be great! hey could u please email me that when ur done! my email is:

i will be submitting v1.0 to the white papers on Tuesday. I only have access to library computers that don’t let you utilize any type of storage device, once i’m back in school, it will be posted.

HEADS-UP TO BRANDON when the Aim High Scoring spreadsheet v1.0 is submitted to the white papers, could you direct the discussion link to this thread? -Thanx.

I submitted the spreadsheet today, hopefully it will be up soon. Please, if you find any faults POST THEM HERE so I can fix them and release new versions.

BRANDON Please link the white paper to this post for discussion!!! -THANX

It doesnt take Brandon to do it… :wink:

v2.0 has been submitted to the white papers today. basically the same, but I’ve added QP and RP scoring to it, enjoy!

The scoring spreadsheet won’t work for me. It doesn’t reset, it doesn’t add up points right, and it looks distorted.

when you download it, be sure to add “.xls” to the file name, otherwise it’ll save as a .html and it should work fine