Excellence in Design 3d Animation 2012 - that's a wrap!

Congratulations to TEAM 192 Gunn Robotics who won the Excellence in Design - 3D animation competition at last weekends FIRST Robotics Championships in St Louis - enjoy clips from the 21 finalists along with the winning video here: http://youtu.be/dQ3cnX3ubR0

For the 3d animation finalists, all team leads (or person who submitted the entries) should have received an email from me with feedback from the professional judges.

Thank you to all the teams and mentors that participated this year, the 3D animation awards this year were amazingly competitive. In fact, many of the entries evolved from simple visualization to true entertainment and storytelling. This year entries were so good, we couldn’t pick 20 only finalists, 21 were chosen because of a tie. And the creativity in the solutions to improve today’s education facilities were inspiring and thought provoking.

We will be leaving the 3d Animation training videos live on Digital STEAM, so please feel free to encourage your team/students to check it out to further home their 3d skills:

See you next year!


When I saw that animation on the webcast, I was in awe! Great job 192!! The storyline is simple yet captivating, and the animation is clean and smooth. Wonderful submission and congratulations on the award.

I was so impressed by the winning animation… It was awesome! Congrats!

Congrats to the finalists, and congrats to everyone else too! It’s pretty easy to see that teams took advantage of the extra time and made some really great entries. I look forward to next year already!