Excellent 2006 KOP!!

I just wanted to say BRAVO to FIRST on an Excellent KOP this year!!

Not only did they have some cool new electronics, sensors, and motors… some good pneumatics, a leadscrew awesome software and some other cool toys…

They included a POOF Ball so we at least have one, a GREAT photo checklist, AND We got every single item that was on the list!!!

Im sure there have been a few missing things here and there for teams, but I think FIRST has put together one of the best KOP’s I have seen in my 10 years!

Thanks & Bravo FIRST!

Yeah this KOP is great, we weren’t missing anything either. :smiley:

Thanks FIRST!

I love it…you could make a semi-competitive robot from the kit alone almost :ahh:

I was quite excited this year to discover that neither of my teams had a single part missing. Kudos!

Yeah, and the digital camera that google provided wasn’t a bad idea either.