Excess motors and other kit parts

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This might be an odd question. I’m seeking to get rid of of items such as CIM motors, Victor SPX motor controllers, as well as many AM14U chassis parts. All of these items have been piling up over the years from the base chassis that we used. This is not to mention the countless other items that have accumulated excessively from the kit of parts. We are finally opting out this year, opening the door to vouchers so we can better use the funds.

Like many other teams, we are gradually moving away from these in favor of brushless motors as well as working on different designs not using the AM14U. Therefore, we have no use for a pile of CIM motors collected from previous years. Ironically, we are also short on funding, but it seems to me that these items are all too common, so I don’t think they would have much value to sell anyway.

Please let me know if any of these items are wanted, and if not, how they should be disposed of correctly.

It would be very helpful for you to post where your team is located. It probably makes the most sense for teams near you to work with you to reduce your inventory of parts.

I would recommend keeping some Cim motors, motor controllers, and 1 chassis if you have the space. They are super useful for training new members or for outreach activities without needing to pull from competition stock.


I’m from team 6643 located in Racine, WI.

We are indeed keeping one chassis and a few spare CIMs just in case. We just got our room updated over the summer so we are working on getting everything organized, thus the abundance of items.

If there are any off-season events near you, ask the organizers if there are any rookie or pre-rookie teams. They are more likely to get some benefit from your excess parts.

You can ask your local FIRST Senior Mentor to ask rookie and pre-rookie teams if they could use your excess parts.

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We are now also offering two CTRE power distribution panels as well as a multimeter and roboRIO (original version).

Also great for quick prototyping. You can have a frame that you care a little less on, to mount prototypes to, and use cims to make quick prototypes and test off of a battery.